Opinion I Beyond the metaverse: how brands are transforming the Out-of-Home entertainment landscape

The hype that has surrounded Web 3.0 and the co-opting of the term ‘metaverse’ to describe the digital opportunities on offer has set the investment market and business world abuzz. But many of the strategies and initiatives ascribed to the metaverse are already at work today in the Out-of-Home (OOH) entertainment landscape, contends industry expert Kevin Williams of Spider Entertainment.

Location-based entertainment (LBE) and the OOH entertainment industry are the best representations of creating a physical business from digital IP and content. These physical representations of digital brands are achieved not just with characters and themed settings, but increasingly now with immersive technology that allows guests to be placed within the virtual universe of these properties.

This approach is not a new one, and is perhaps best illustrated with the move by the media content empire Walt Disney Corporation into the theme park and resort business way back in 1955. Along with the use of its film library to theme its attractions, the Corporation also undertook licensing agreements with big brands to incorporate them into the ‘story’ of its venues.

However, it’s the crossover of toys, movies and videogames into physical experiences that has seen the most far-reaching developments.

Video-game giant Nintendo has invested considerably in being one of the major multidisciplinary license platform providers in the global market, seeing its properties traverse the bounds of toys, games, licensed material and even movies.

A physical presence with venues of its own was a logical move, and Nintendo signed an agreement with Universal Studios in 2015 to develop a concept that would offer an interactive theme park extension in Universal resorts, based on Nintendo video-game characters and IPs. This would result in ‘Super Nintendo World’, which opened in Universal Studios Japan in 2020 and offered numerous attractions based on the Super Mario universe.

The latest immersive technology was applied to create compelling experiences such as ‘Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge’, which deployed Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Dark Ride (IDR) technology that placed the guest in the videogame. Hugely popular since opening, the theme park extension is due to be incorporated into other Universal park properties globally, with the Californian and Florida versions currently under construction.

Nintendo is now looking at its Out-of-Home entertainment landscape afresh. The company announced in its Second Quarter Financial Reports and Corporate Management Policy Briefing in November 2021 that it intended to spend some $2.7b on establishing a new stream of revenue through its investment into theme parks and new Nintendo entertainment stores – not just retail stores, but entertainment venues that will comprise immersive entertainment and scaled-down interactive attractions. The company has dabbled with retail stores in the US and Japan, but this will mark a major investment towards creating immersive entertainment spaces and has started a land-grab by other major properties keen to carve out a place in the ‘Retailtainment’ sector.

Throwing open the floodgates for others to follow, European videogame developer and publisher Ubisoft has also looked to broaden the penetration of its videogame properties. Having already seen motion pictures based on its Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia brands, as well as countless merchandised products and branded toys, the company’s expansion to a physical facility business seems logical.

Its first move was to establish a Location-based Entertainment Manager role within the corporation, looking at Out-of-Home entertainment opportunities. Fast forward to today, and Ubisoft is well known for its work on the successful VR amusement attraction Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, which has seen several hundred units placed in amusement sites globally. The company also has a division (Ubisoft Escape Games) licensing unique VR escape game team-based experiences to facilities.

What’s more, the company announced in November that it would be partnering with leading theme park and attraction developers to launch its first ‘Ubisoft Entertainment Center’. Scheduled for 2025, the venue will be situated on France’s Mediterranean coast as part of the Studios Occitanie entertainment hub. Ubisoft is not stopping there; with partners Storyland Studios, it is working on its own design for a large-scale Ubisoft theme park, having looked at Nintendo’s progress in this area and wanting to share some of the opportunity. Other video-game publishers are eagerly watching the fortunes of these two companies and their massive investments in the physical space.

Movies and TV – and zombies

Movie and television/streaming entities now looking at a wider penetration for their brands and licenses have also caught the bug and are looking to dive into the crowded waters of the “metamorphosis of the digital into physical”.

The use of Out-of-Home entertainment to turn digital content and properties into physical attractions has not been lost on the big players, including streaming giant Netflix, which has an estimated audience worldwide of some 215m paid memberships.

For a company streaming TV and movie content and investing vast sums in production, having a physical vehicle that can promote its properties seems obvious. Many industry insiders had speculated that Netflix was looking for its own chain of cinemas, but the implosion that has struck the theatre business seems to have lessened this interest. There is, however, one area of facility investment that has interested the corporation.

With the successful launch of the Netflix movie property Army of the Dead, a new marketing and promotional concept was rolled out by the company – marking an investment in a physical presence for its properties and employing the latest immersive technology. ‘Army of the Dead: Viva Vengeance’, an immersive pop-up attraction, was launched at selected Westfield mall locations, most recently (until the end of December 2021, after a run in Los Angeles) at the space vacated by Debenham’s department store in London’s Westfield Shepherd’s Bush mall. Not just dependent on live actors, the whole experience represented an interactive virtual reality (VR) attraction, which had guests blasting hordes of the undead as they traversed through the infested badlands.

This is not the only example of streamed or movie properties turned into VR experiences and deployed in location-based entertainment (LBE) venues. Movie production houses such as Lionsgate and Sony Pictures have ongoing projects that will see specialist attractions and venues based on their properties. Likewise, IP licenses are being acquired by entertainment venues to be incorporated into the mix of existing spaces. The food and entertainment chain Dave & Buster’s, for example, has had a strong affiliation with licensed IP to attract its target audience, having commissioned virtual reality attractions based on blockbuster film properties such as Jurassic World, Star Trek, Men In Black, among others, from location-based entertainment company VRstudios.

The ability to create an entertainment offering that can be injected into the available retail space has led to an explosion in Retailtainment. The ‘Retail Apocalypse’ that had hit the shopping mall landscape was obviously exacerbated by the global lockdown, but in re-emerging, the owners of these retail spaces have turned to entertainment to fill the gaps left by closed department store chains.

New operator Spider Entertainment has been created to provide landlords, developers and investors with a turnkey solution to run profitable pop-up and permanent attractions for their retail destinations, employing the latest brands, along with the latest immersive entertainment attractions, to help reinvent the retail experience. Physical spaces that include this level of brand immersion offer a unique new revenue stream beyond the original video-game and movie properties, and a level of customer engagement that is new and compelling.

What’s clear is that marketing and licensing executives keen to connect with their customer base will now have to include Out-of-Home entertainment as a new weapon in their armoury – a weapon that offers great opportunities and could in fact change the whole landscape of consumption.

Entertainment and technology specialist Kevin Williams is a regular presenter at international conferences, speaking at the Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) and Amusement360 events, as well as at bootcamps for LBE and FEC investors. He is one of the senior judges of the VR Awards.

Kevin’s consultancy KWP Ltd specialises in helping international clients develop immersive and interactive entertainment. Kevin has recently become Co-Owner and Technology Director for OOH entertainment specialist Spider Entertainment and is the publisher of the Stinger Report, a-must-read for those working or investing in the amusement, attractions and entertainment industry.

Kevin can be reached at kwp@thestingerreport.com.


Far Cry 6 collectables available now from Koyo and Ubisoft

Entertainment merchandise specialist Koyo and video game publisher Ubisoft have expanded their partnership to launch officially licensed Far Cry 6 collectables.

The new products build on Koyo’s existing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six offering, which encompasses a range of pin badge collectables based on popular characters and iconic items from the Ubisoft franchise.

Koyo’s latest range of ‘must have’ items for Far Cry 6 fans includes:

Logo Keyring – Far Cry 6 logo nickel keyring with soft enamel finish.

Logo Pin Badge – Far Cry 6 logo nickel pin badge with soft enamel finish.

3D Lion Pin Badge – Metal 3D pin badge replica of in-game dictator Antón Castillo’s lion neck-tie pendant.

Animal Pin Badge Sets – Containing some of the fan-favourite animals from within the game, including Guapo, Chicharron & Chorizo.

Backpack Pin Badge Sets – Containing some of the most popular backpacks from within the game, including Exterminator, Furioso, Fantasma & the Gladidor.

Patch Set – Embroidered flag patch and PVC logo patch, both attachable with Velcro.

Steel Mug – Double-wall insulated steel mug in matte black finish with Far Cry 6 double logo print.

Water Bottle – 500ml water bottle in matte black with logo print and added carabiner clip.

The collectables are available globally for fans to buy direct at https://thekoyostore.com/collections/far-cry-6 or through retail stores worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to have expanded our long-standing partnership with Ubisoft to include Far Cry 6 collectables for the very first time,” says Koyo COO Helen Garlick. “It’s fantastic to have these collectables available in time for Christmas – we know fans will love the items and we’ll be adding more from Far Cry 6 over the coming months.”



Ubisoft joins Fabacus to unlock digital licensing possibilities

Ubisoft, Venum and Fabacus are launching an activation using physical licensed products to unlock digital rewards and experiences for consumers, in a deal brokered by IMG.

For the first time, Fabacus, the global technology business and creator of proprietary technology platform Xelacore, has partnered with interactive entertainment and gaming company Ubisoft to integrate its licensed product into the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla brand universe with a dedicated capsule collection with the combat sportswear brand Venum.

Fabacus is levelling up the possibilities of its technology to cross formats and consumer ‘worlds’ with codes on physical Ubisoft x Venum products to unlock in-game rewards for players and their digital avatars. This is not the first time that Venum and Fabacus have collaborated together, having also partnered up earlier this year for a UFC x Venum collaboration to unlock exclusive products and UFC prizes.

“We are very excited to be kicking off this partnership with Ubisoft and breaking the boundaries between on-and-offline brand integration,” says Andrew Xeni, CEO & Founder of Fabacus. “Not only are we fuelling Ubisoft’s data driven strategies, but we are also broadening brand universes for consumers, using their Assassin’s Creed x Venum apparel purchases to unlock in-game rewards such as Shields. The possibility of what our technology can achieve within the advancement of gaming for licensors and licensees alike truly excites me.”

Addie Dorsey, Licensing Consumer Products at Ubisoft, commented: “As we move towards a world of new possibilities within AR & VR gameplay, we wanted to integrate our licensed products into our digital brand ecosystem, to not only provide our consumers with exciting, unique experiences, but also to allow us to expand the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla brand universe across sectors, in a way we had never been able to before.”

The campaign is due to go live today across the world, with codes concealed within selected Venum products for consumers to discover. Anyone who takes part in the activation will receive a free in-game reward: the Ouroboros Shield, a sturdy black metal shield decorated with a representation of a snake eating its own tail infinitely. Participation will also provide a chance to win Eivor figurines from the Assassin’s Creed game and discounts codes on Venum products.

Tinderbox sparks new partnership with Ubisoft for Far Cry and Just Dance gaming franchises

The French video game company, Ubisoft, is partnering with Tinderbox – the digital division of Beanstalk – to represent its top selling gaming franchises, Just Dance and Far Cry for licensing across Europe.

Under the new partnership, Tinderbox will support both franchises, Just Dance and Far Cry, by expanding the European
consumer products footprint into new categories and channels, pursuing opportunities across fashion, collectibles, home, gifting and novelty, consumer electronics and more.

Since its formulation in 1986, Ubisoft dedicated itself developing high quality games that resonate with all kinds of personalities. Its Far Cry franchise – now in its 17th year – features open-world, first-person shooter games known for their wilderness environments and survival thematics. Today there are over 60 million unique players in the franchise, and the next title, Far Cry 6, is to be released on October 7th, 2021.

Meanwhile, Just Dance is the number one Music Video Game franchise of all time,boasting 11 titles, 80 million games sold, and
more than 138 million registered players worldwide. The evergreen franchise invites players to have fun playing with their family and friends, or to keep fit, exercising at home to classic songs and the latest hits.

The next title, Just Dance 2022, will release on November 4th, 2021.

Dave Tovey, head of Tinderbox at Beanstalk, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Ubisoft in developing consumer product programmes for its top selling titles. Far Cry is one of the biggest gaming franchises, with a passionate fan base that is eager for more consumer touch points.

“Just Dance is the ultimate definition of a cross-generational gaming experience, delighting fans from Gen Z, Millennials and beyond. The team at Tinderbox is excited to get started and establish exciting and engaging brand extensions at retail on behalf of Ubisoft.”

Francois Tallec, senior director, consumer products and partnerships at Ubisoft, said: “At Ubisoft we strive to bring players the best gaming experiences, and ultimately, grow and engage strong communities with transmedia brands. We are enthusiastic to partner with Beanstalk/Tinderbox, experts in forging licensed product partnerships with leading video game franchises, to expand our Far Cry and Just Dance licensing programmes throughout Europe.”

London’s iconic Hamleys makes major play for video gaming market with new department launch

The iconic London toy store and toy retail brand, Hamleys is making a major new play for the video gaming market with the opening of a new state-of-the-art console, PC and gaming accessories department in its Regent Street location.

The new 1,326 square foot gaming space is situated within the Lower Ground Floor of the seven floor London flagship store and features leading consoles, from PS4 and PS5 to Xbox One and XS, Nintendo Switch, and a wide range of PC games and accessories.

As well as signifying a dramatic shift in audience for the London retailer, the department also now becomes the largest gaming retail site on London’s Soho area and features the latest top ranked games and best-sellers across the gaming platforms, spanning titles from publishers including EA, Capcom, and Activision, as well as Nintendo, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, and Bandai Namco.

Accessories brands in the new gaming offer include XRocker, Turtle Beach, Anda Seat, Power A, Nacon and Hori and feature everything from keyboards and mouse pads to a wide range of gaming chairs, controllers, arcade sticks and headsets.

“We are delighted to unveil this exciting new development in our Regent Street store, where we will deliver the very best range of products and the first-class expertise and service our customers have come to expect. This is a natural fit for Hamleys and in time, we would like to see gaming roll out across our wider global retail estate,” said Hamleys of London CEO Sumeet Yadav.

Top games available on Playstation 4 range from LEGO Marvel Collection and Batman Arkham Knight from Warner Bros to Asterix & Obelix – XXL Collection from Maximum Games and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from Sony Interactive and Call of Duty Black Ops III from Activision. On PS5 they include Marvel Spider Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, Ghost of Tushima and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart from Sony Interactive.

On Nintendo Switch games include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword from Nintendo, while on PC lead games include Minecraft from Mojang Studios to Diablo III from Blizzard.

On Xbox One, games range from Star Wars Squadrons and UFC4 from EA Sports to Snowrunner from THq1 Nordic and Call of Duty Black Ops III and WWII. On Xbox X/S they include Overcooked All You Can Eat and Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle from Warner Bros.

 The new Hamleys Gaming Department opened on 23 July 2021. The Regent Street store is open from 10am on weekdays and Saturdays and 12 noon on Sundays.

Licensing International reveals its 2021 Rising Stars

The six brand licensing professionals to receive the 2021 Rising Star Award from Licensing International this year have been named, marking the ninth annual celebration of the up and coming talent from across the global licensing community.

“We are thrilled to recognize these talented young professionals who will be the future leaders of our global brand licensing community,” said Maura Regan, president of Licensing International. “We would also like to thank the Rising Stars committee members, who have the difficult job in selecting among the best of the best.”

The 2021 Rising Stars Award recipients are:

JAMES CHOI – Senior Associate, Ellalan
Based in Hong Kong

James Choi actively advises on landmark, precedent-setting copyright licensing litigation in Hong Kong regarding recording and karaoke licensing issues as a senior associate with Ellalan since 2016. He holds law degrees from Kings College London and University of Hong Kong as well as a Master of Arts in Sociology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

According to a nominator, James’ “ability to handle and advise clients, as well as to lead and nurture juniors to assist him in his licensing matters have made huge positive impact to the firm’s recent growth and expansion.”

ADDIE DORSEY GOOSSENS – Licensing Manager EMEA, Ubisoft
Based in France

Addie Dorsey Goossens began her licensing career with ZAG Entertainment in Los Angeles before joining Ubisoft in June 2019 in Paris. Addie manages the licensing out strategy for all Ubisoft brands across Europe, Middle East, and Africa including Ubisoft’s expansion into esports licensing categories.

One executive said: “She is a very strategic business executive who understands that licensing is a marketing tool to support the core businesses. She has always impressed me with her business savvy and licensing knowledge.”

Dorsey holds a Master’s in Strategy & Management in International Business from ESSEC Business School along with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences from UC Irvine.

RACHEL HAK – Category Manager, Apparel/Accessories/Health & Beauty, Crayola
Based in U.S.

Rachel Hak began her licensing career at Freeze with stops at The Walt Disney Company and Centric Brands before arriving at Crayola as a category manager for outbound licensing in 2019. She launched Crayola’s first-ever children’s apparel program with Haddad Brands at the Macy’s inaugural STORY event and elevated the Crayola brand through collaborations with Adidas, LeSportsac, Shinola, and Isaac Mizrahi.

According to one licensing executive, Hak “believes in the power of brand licensing and is always ideating new ways to partner with prospective companies. Her natural curiosity and creative and positive energy make her a great representative for our company and the industry overall.” She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

KEVIN RAMSEY – Founder and CEO, Warren James
Based in U.S.

Kevin Ramsey founded Warren James two years ago, following stints at Jazwares and Roblox, to develop custom merchandise, apparel, and e-commerce solutions for some of the largest content creators on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok including Aphmau, ItsFunneh, and Annoying Orange. Since its launch, the company has grown to 44 people with offices in Los Angeles, Guangzhou, and Manilla while helping to define standard DTC and DTR deals for content creators.

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Ramsey’s “entire career has been focused on leveraging gaming and content creator’s online audiences to drive engagement and product purchases in both retail stores and online. The passion and work Ramsey has put into the creator economy have increased the exposure and opportunities for this genre of content within the licensing industry,” according to one licensing executive.

JYOTI SARDANA – Manager of Licensing Strategy and Operations, OneTeam Partners
Based in U.S.

 Jyoti Sardana began her licensing career with the NFL Players Association before moving to OneTeam Partners as employee number four in 2020. She has developed the licensing program for Women’s National Basketball Players Association, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Players Association, and Major League Soccer Players Association as well as the NFL Players Association and Major League Baseball Players Association.

“Jyoti’s efforts have had an outsized influence in establishing a market for officially licensed products for professional women’s athletes. The momentum for these licensed products is now apparent and Jyoti’s work in this regard has been influential,” according to a nominator. Sardana holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Maryland.

CAROLINA VERDUGO – Director of Brand Management, Beanstalk
Based in U.S.

Carolina Verdugo joined Beanstalk in 2018 following stops at Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. She leads the agency’s efforts in Mexico and Latin America for Diageo and expanded the Bailey’s food licensing program into LATAM markets with industry leaders in key categories. One of Verdugo’s nominators said, “Carolina’s excellent work on prospecting and client service played an integral part in Beanstalk expanding the Diageo business in Latin America. A major strength of Verdugo’s is her ability to see the bigger picture, think strategically, and take initiative.”

Verdugo holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business/Trade/Commerce from San Diego State University.

The 2021 Rising Stars will be recognized during the 2021 Licensing International Excellence Awards on Tuesday, August 24 at 12:00pm EDT at Licensing Expo Virtual.

Asmodee’s Aconyte Books secures multi-year deal with Ubisoft to develop Assassin’s Creed novel series

Asmodee Entertainment’s fiction publishing imprint, Aconyte, has secured a multi-year agreement with Ubisoft to create a series of new novels set within the worlds of the game giant’s Assassin’s Creed franchise. The deal builds on a previous agreement that saw Aconyte names publishing partner for Ubisoft titles Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Aconyte’s primary mission is to publish untold stories from new or under-explored corners of the game series’ history-spanning timeline, featuring both characters from the games and totally new creations.

The first fruits of the new deal will be the publication of The Ming Storm this June. The novel is the opening volume of an exciting trilogy set in 16th century China, featuring young assassin Shao Jun. Written by notable Chinese author Yen Leisheng, the novel has already been published in China and France, with editions in several other languages planned.

This will be followed in early 2022 by a new trilogy of novels set in the time of Ubisoft’s latest hit game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which offers players the experience of playing as a legendary Viking warrior leading their clan to glory in ninth century England. A third trilogy of novels in a wholly new historical setting is in development too

“We’re absolutely delighted to add Assassin’s Creed to our ranges of new adventures set in the amazing worlds of Ubisoft’s games,” said Aconyte’s publisher, Marc Gascoigne. “The chance to tell wholly new stories set this rich universe, featuring both new and fan-favourite characters, was far too tasty to miss.”

Julien Fabre, Ubisoft associate director, publishing and TV distribution, added: “We are really happy to team up with Asmodee Entertainment. Thanks to their expertise in transmedia storytelling and community engagement, we will expand the Assassin’s Creed universe with new, original stories told through a range of compelling novels.”

Asmodee’s fiction book division Aconyte partners with Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed novel trilogy

Aconyte, the fiction imprint of the global games group, Asmodee, has partnered with the international video games company Ubisoft to publish a new Assassin’s Creed trilogy of novels, beginning this summer.

Set in 16th Century China, the new series will kick off with the title The Ming Storm and will follow the central character Shao Jun, a young assassin and already a fan-favourite from the franchise as the protagonist of the Assassin’s Creed: China video game.

Following the elimination of the Chinese Brotherhood by the rival Templars, Shao Jun must travel to Europe to train with the legendary Ezio Auditore, before she returns to exact revenge.

Written by bestselling Chinese author Yan Leisheng, the novel has recently been published in his homeland as well as France, with a Russian edition imminent. The Ming Storm will be published in the US and Canada on June 1st 2021 and on July 8th in the UK. The book will be available in paperback and ebook formats, with an audiobook version expected to follow shortly after.

“When we started out on this project for the Chinese fans of Assassin’s Creed, we wanted to create something that would feel meaningful and engaging to them. We worked hard finding the author who would understand both our franchise and how to tell a compelling story that would resonate with the audience,” said Aymar Azaizia, transmedia and business development director at Ubisoft.

“We are really proud to be able to bring this original trilogy to English readers worldwide through Aconyte. Although the content is not set in the continuity of the main storyline, you will find a great authentic Assassin’s Creed story. Enjoy the ride.”

At the end of 2020, Aconyte was announced as Ubisoft’s go-to fiction partner for novels for adult readers, to create new adventures from unexplored corners of the worlds of popular games like Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Beyond Good & Evil and more.

More announcements are expected as Aconyte’s range of compelling tie-in fiction expands further.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed swings into location-based entertainment through Osool partnership

WildBrain CPLG has secured a new partnership with Osool Entertainment to develop location-based entertainment attractions for the blockbuster video game franchise, Assassin’s Creed.

Brokered by WildBrain CPLG MENA on behalf of Ubisoft, the new deal will see Osool Entertainment create three new Assassin’s Creed indoor attractions in Saudi Arabia, targeting fans of the game aged between eight and 40 years old.

Scheduled to open in spring this year, the Assassin’s Creed attractions will be situated within Osool Entertainment’s indoor Fizz Adventure parks and consist of a branded parkour course including a rope and ninja course. The immersive experience will bring to life themes and elements from the video game franchise’s first instalment.

Assassin’s Creed is quite the success story within the video game industry. Since the first release in 2007, Ubisoft has launched 16 different video games for the franchise across a wide variety of platforms, most recently Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The Assassin’s Creed series has sold more than 155 million games worldwide and the franchise is now established as one of the best-selling series in video game history.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has branched well beyond video games in recent years, including into the cinematic realms via its 2016 feature film starring Michael Fassbender, and a new live-action series currently in development at Netflix.

Neesha Law, commercial director at WildBrain CPLG Middle East, said: “The combination of the rich world of Assassin’s Creed with the game’s cross-demographic appeal and its impressive international fan-base, makes this brand ideally positioned for location-based entertainment partnerships.

“Osool Entertainment has an exciting portfolio of top-class adventure courses and we look forward to seeing visitors live out their own action-packed, stealthy Assassin’s Creed-themed adventures when the attractions open their doors this Spring.”

Mohammed Al Shethry, CEO and co-founder of Osool Entertainment Investment Company, added: “At Osool, we are constantly engaged in developing world-class entertainment venues locally. Inspired by international standards, we endeavor to deliver a fulfilling experience to our visitors. Safety, combined with creativity and innovation, is at the heart of Osool’s vision. This empowering partnership with Ubisoft and WildBrain CPLG allows us to excel in our mission to provide quality entertainment in Saudi Arabia.”