Crayola and OceanX | “We’re encouraging partnerships to have a profound impact on supporting our planet”

The global non-profit ocean exploration organisation, OceanX has expressed its hope that its new partnership with the children’s arts and crafts brand, Crayola, will inspire more collaboration between brands and conservation groups.

The pair joined forces earlier this month to launch a new range of crafts kits to the US market, each designed to educate and inspire the next generation of ocean explorers and conservationists by blending hands-on creativity with a digital experience.

Titled The Crayola Experience Home Adventure Ocean Edition, the kits aim to ‘bring the wonder of the sea into homes across the US,’ by guiding children through a learning experience spanning the five layers of the ocean. Crayon characters will take them on their journey as they create a series of crafts inspired by sea creatures.

The education experience will also engage kids with its interactive video content, featuring nine activities including a drawing tutorial led by a Crayola designer.

Mark Dalio, founder and creative director at OceanX, told that the hope is the partnership between the two will “encourage other companies and organisations to think about how they can creatively collaborate” to “have a profound impact on supporting our planet.”

He said: “This partnership exists at the intersection of Crayola’s creativity and youthfulness and OceanX’s mission to share the wonder and beauty of the ocean with the world. It’s always been our goal to put audiences in the front seat of exploration, and partnering with Crayola will help us spark a lifetime of interest, curiosity, and love for the ocean.

“Crayola is one of the world’s most renowned family brands, trusted by parents and educators everywhere to use its signature thoughtful, colourful creativity to educate and inspire children.

“This partnership illustrates Crayola’s role in highlighting important issues facing our society while also inspiring the next generation to be stewards of our planet’s most treasured natural resource.”

Designed to inspire environmentalism and conservation, the Crayloa and OceanX collaboration has also launched an immersive experience across the Crayola brand’s own physical Experience attractions in the US.

The message, says Crayola’s executive vice president and general manager of Crayola Attractions and Retail, Victoria Lozano, is “consistent and congruous” with the brand’s mission to “help parents and educators raise creatively alive kids and inspire the next generation.”

Lozano told “This includes teaching them to preserve the world in which they will live in as adults. Our partnership with OceanX will help us create content and engaging experiences to accomplish that through cultivating a sense of wonder for the mysterious playground of the deep blue.

“This partnership will continue to develop creativity products and educational content to bring to kids everywhere.”

The Tusk Trust eyes environment-conscious consumer products move with Golden Goose

The Tusk Trust, a charity that, for 30 years, has helped initiate conservation work in Africa has appointed Golden Goose to develop new licensing opportunities across multiple retail categories.  

The environmental charity has a high profile thanks, in part, to its Royal Patron, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, and has previously seen licensing  success through a fruitful partnership with the specialist retailer, Mothercare.

Adam Bass, Golden Goose director, explained: “Because of  its work with endangered species such as elephants, lions, giraffes, wild dogs, turtles, and more, The Tusk Trust has fantastic eye-catching imagery that can be used on products as diverse as nursery apparel, plush, publishing and home decoration.”

Antonia Habdank-Toczyska, client and strategy director with Golden Goose, added: “With African prints and patterns being so on trend, Tusk is well set to deliver products that protect and connect to Africa’s rarest animals.” 

The Tusk Trust’s interest in developing its licensing programme couldn’t be better timed. According to The Grocer, 55 per cent of consumers have grown more concerned about the environment since the pandemic.

With successful conservation initiatives across more than 20 countries, increasing vital protection for over 10 million acres of land and more than 40 threatened species, and as a brand that has already shown proven success at retail, Tusk ‘presents a great opportunity for licensees and retailers to develop stand out, commercially successful product that is aligned with consumer trends,’ said Golden Goose.

Dan Bucknell, Tusk Trust executive director, said: “A lot of the planned activity celebrating our 30th anniversary has been deferred so we expect licensing activity to play a valuable role in helping us  reach our target audience with relevant products.”