Graham Saltmarsh, MD of Licensing International UK, on building a post-pandemic retail and licensing strategy

Graham Saltmarsh is managing director of Licensing International UK. He is participating in a leaders’ panel at the next European edition of Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit, taking place 21 June 2022 at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Graham will appear alongside Hasbro’s Marianne James, Jalil Ramen of Liberty, MDR Brand Management CEO Daniel Avener and Difuzed’s Sara Allwood to discuss the finer details of Building a Post-Pandemic Retail & Licensing Strategy.

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One of the panels you’re moderating focuses on building a post-pandemic licensing strategy. Why do brands and retailers need one? What’s so different now? 

It’s always good to have a plan in place and a plan B just in case! We learned a lot during the pandemic, it makes sense to diversify your manufacturing options in case there are further lockdowns. Have a look at your distribution networks and see how your online offer to your customers compares to your competitors’. Work with your partners and discuss what is needed and when… work back from here and allow plenty of wiggle room!

What are the challenges and opportunities your LI members are talking to you about – where are the pain points, and where can they be driving growth?  

Shipping costs are still a big issue and delays still seem to be quite a common occurrence but working these potential delays in to the schedule will help calm the nerves. We had the highest number of attendees at the Licensing Essentials Course recently with a very high number of retailers keen to get a better understanding of the licensing industry and the processes involved. There was a strong increase across the board in licensed products sold last year so it’s a very positive message to our members.

What do you think licensing will look like in 2-3 years from now? 

Wow, what a very tricky question… I think we are beginning to see an increase in brands rather than “entertainment properties”, particularly from museums and galleries. These teams have amazing portfolios, but you have to be very focused to find the hidden gems and then translate them into desirable products.

What’s the one thing that brands and retailers can’t ignore, if they are to continue being successful? 

Communicate, communicate, communicate – if you are a retailer speak to your licensees about what you need, when you need it and importantly why! Asking “why” will promote discussion and mean that you can make better informed decisions. Costs are also going to come into play hugely over the next few years and it will be impossible not to pass most of this onto the end consumer; this will be a challenging balancing act. Sustainability will also play a bigger part going forwards…. Sorry! I can never do ‘one’ thing!

Why are you looking forward to speaking at B&LIS? 

There are some amazing and talented speakers at B&LIS and it’s always fascinating to meet up and find out what’s going on. These discussions also help direct future panels and sessions.

What are you hoping delegates will take from your panels?

You always learn so much talking and listening to others within the industry, but I hope there will also be a lot of questions for our panel and also some fun along the way.

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Q&A: Hannah Craggs of TrendBible

Hannah Craggs is Head of Subscription & Content at TrendBible. She’s participating in a panel called ‘Forecasting the Future of Retail through Consumer Trends’ alongside Sainsbury’s Abi Wilson at the next European edition of Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit, taking place 21 June, at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

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Tell us, who are you and how does your business fit into the licensing eco-system? 

I’m Hannah Craggs, Head of Subscription & Content at TrendBible. TrendBible’s philosophy is one based on deeply understanding the mindsets and attitudes of consumers towards the future of life at home. Companies work with us to better understand future trends for their audience and what will drive their thoughts, tastes and behaviours. A strong grasp of future trends helps brands and organisations make informed commercial decisions. We work 2-5 years ahead of retail to research, decode and deliver how consumer signals will impact product design as well as services, strategies and solutions.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for the licensing industry right now?

The post or “inter” pandemic scape differs greatly from the approaches for retail and consumer connection we’ve known before. This throws up challenges but also exciting opportunities to do things differently. Some of the most talked about within our TrendBible team at the moment are:

  • International restrictions or interruptions to supply chains
  • Greater focus on sustainability
  • Greater focus on true diversity and allclusivity when creating products and solutions
  • How to establish and galvanise IRL (in real life)/immersive/experiential events after the pandemic that support consumer anxiety. This also links to consumers’ buying preference shifting from bricks and mortar to online.

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in your business sector that impact brands and retailers?

This one’s a huge topic. At TrendBible we are constantly tracking this and some of the biggest trends I’d flag for 2023–2024 link to the above.

As climate change, global inflation and mass disruption to supply chains will have a direct impact on everyday lives and bank balances, there will be a redefinition of home from ‘nest’ or ‘family hub’. Instead, the home will be a space both on and offline that provides shelter, a place to seek solace, experience curated convenience and safety away from an uncertain world. This will lead to:

  • a consumer desire to embrace “savvy spending” and make more future-proofed product investments
  • the rise of resilience
  • the acceleration of tech overall and a greater sense of “tech-ceptance”
  • curated convenience. The acceleration of online commerce has put a spotlight on convenience, with Amazon setting a precedent for ultra-fast, on-demand, and no-nonsense delivery that keeps up with consumers’ changing habits
  • a desire for a localism and slower-paced lifestyles (as well as greater links to nature and sustainability)

Why are you looking forward to speaking at B&LIS? 

I want delegates to feel inspired and excited about the responsibility of rebuilding during (and after) a period of volatility. In an age of uncertainty, rapid change and big societal issues, there’s a need to respond to urgency without panic. We need to be confident in saying hello to the next normal, which will be a journey of unlearning, relearning and radical questioning.

Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit agenda revealed

The agenda for the 2022 European Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit (B&LIS) is now live, featuring interactive panel discussions and workshops to help delegates evaluate, shape and maximise opportunities around the future brand licensing and retail landscape.

B&LIS returns on 21 June after debuting virtually last year and takes place the day before SiLC (Sustainability in Licensing Conference) to create a brand new two-day event for European industry leaders and decision makers held at the Royal Geographical Society in West London.

Tickets are available to buy now with special rates available for two-day in-person passes for B&LIS and SiLC, with additional discounts for Licensing International and Products of Change members.

Tackling trends including consumer spending, Web 3.0, NFTs and the Metaverse, the role of purpose, and addressing challenges with the licensing supply chain as a whole, the B&LIS sessions will spotlight how brands can create successful post-pandemic retail and licensing strategies with the first few speakers confirmed from KidsKnowBest, Hunter Price, Asda, TrendBible, The Point 1888, The Smiley Company and Products of Change.

The sessions will run from 0930 – 1730 on 21 June, followed by a drinks reception in the evening. The current programme is as follows: 

08:00     Registration Opens

09:20     Introduction from Global Licensing Group

09:30     Evaluating the Modern Brand Landscape

Start the day by setting the scene on some of the key trends coming through in licensing. License Global, alongside other knowledge partners, will unveil exclusive insights into their new and reimagined Top 150 Licensors report, the only research of its kind focused on global licensing brands and trends that will be released later in the summer.

10:10     Leaders Panel: Building a Post-Pandemic Retail & Licensing Strategy

A panel of industry leaders will air their expectations, hopes and fears for a post-Covid future as it relates to retail, whilst giving an insight into the long-term opportunities for licensing and where they will be placing their bets for the coming years. This session will address:

–             Which trends have been accelerated by the pandemic?

–             How do you stay competitive and remain ahead of trends?

–             What new opportunities are emerging for the licensing industry?

10:50     Following the Money: How The New Age of Consumers Spends

The panel will focus their discussion on Gen Z and millennials; where you can find them, what they want, and provide an understanding on how they engage with brands in new and more meaningful ways. Find out how to tap into platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat, how to choose the right influencer for your brand, and enjoy practical examples from others who have done this successfully.

11:45     Everything You Need to Know About Web 3.0

This dynamic session will explore some of the hottest topics in our industry right now and provide you with answers to some of the questions you need answered:

–             NFT, Metaverse, IoT, AR, VR… 101 explanations of what you need to know

–             Why should I care about Web 3.0 and is it here to stay?

–             What are the challenges and opportunities behind these concepts?

–             What new licensing categories will emerge?

12.45     Networking over lunch

13:45     Think Tank: Can the Licensing Process be Rebuilt?

From supply chain challenges to the need for faster speed to market, does the licensing process need to be reviewed? Have your say and submit answers that will influence our panel of speakers as they debate some of the key pain-points in the licensing journey.

This session will include a constructive debate with a cross-industry panel who, alongside the audience, will aim to drive actionable outcomes on improvements that can be carried forwards towards getting meaningful products to consumers at the right time.

14:30     Forecasting the Future of Retail through Consumer Trends

Join this discussion on emerging and future consumer behaviours and understand how they influence the retail space. This session will be structured in two parts:

–             Consumer behaviours post-pandemic: from new lifestyle choices to shopping habits, understand which new categories are emerging and how consumers are spending.

–             Retail strategies post-pandemic: how are these changes impacting retail? From new products categories to creating more meaningful experiences in stores, find out how retailers are tackling some of these trends and what they can mean for your brand.

15:45     Category Breakout Sessions

To provide additional depth around emerging categories, join our interactive roundtables as they spotlight them in more detail. Hear a case study and take part in a Q&A discussion with a choice from three categories.

16:30     The Good Fight: How Purpose Breeds Success

What is purpose and why is it important to businesses and customers? What differences can it make? Our panel of industry change makers will debate how leading with purpose can create a competitive advantage for licensors, retailers and licensees alike. Understand what role the licensing industry has to play and most importantly, what opportunities this can create.

17:30     Closing Remarks

17:30     Evening Drinks Reception

Brand, retail, consumer trend and licensing experts who would like to take part as a panellist are invited to contact Ella Haynes at ASAP.

“As the industry continues to navigate the ever-changing content landscape and consumer behaviour, the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit is a critical opportunity to connect with business leaders to discuss, share and learn from one another,” says Anna Knight, VP Licensing, Informa Markets.

“B&LIS will deliver a full schedule filled with practical, action-oriented sessions to help give delegates’ businesses the tools they needs to make the most of new licensing opportunities and maximise impact at retail.”

B&LIS one day tickets are priced at £275 and can be purchased from Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit Europe.  SiLC tickets one-day tickets are priced at £275 and can be purchased from Sustainability in Licensing Conference. POC and Licensing International members can enjoy a 20% discount on these rates (non-cumulative). Alternatively, two-day tickets can be purchased from either site for the discounted rate of £525.

To find out about sponsorship opportunities at the B&LIS Europe 2022 event, fill out this short form.

Silence is Not an Option author Stuart Lawrence to take part in diversity and inclusion workshop at B&LIS this month

Stuart Lawrence, the author of Silence is Not an Option, and brother of murdered schoolboy, Stephen Lawrence, is participating in a diversity and inclusion workshop led by Products of Change co-founder, Helena Mansell-Stopher at the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit taking place this month.

The workshop is one of the final sessions to be announced for the packed three-day online event, which takes place June 9th to 11th. Designed specifically to help middle-management, business leaders and owners navigate the changing retail, content and consumer landscape, three-day passes to B&LIS cost £249 (£224 for Licensing International members and qualified retailers are invited to attend free of charge.)

Emoji company CEO and founder Marco Hüsges joins WildBrain CPLG’s EVP and managing director Maarten Weck and WildBrain Spark’s commercial director Rachel Taylor to reveal how they have built an extensive merchandise offering and robust retail presence for the Emoji brand in Europe, including a recently forged content and licensing partnership for new digital-first series Emojitown.

In their session, Emojitown: The Power of Building Brands with Digital-First Strategies, they will explore the significant potential of AVOD and digital strategies in driving successful licensing and merchandising campaigns to build brand success for the long-term.

Senior leaders, broadcast and brand licensing experts from Studiocanal (Valérie Rolandez-Barrios), WarnerMedia (Rachel Wakley) and Moonbug (Adam Steel) are also confirmed for a closing-day panel ‘New Streams of Consumerism: How Entertainment is Evolving’, which will look at how brands can create equivalent awareness and maintain visibility on streaming platforms with much shorter marketing windows than traditional entertainment releases.

Kornit Digital and EPIK will present sponsored workshops on DTR (direct to retail) and NFT (Non Fungible Tokens), respectively. Taking place on opening day, ‘How the licensing industry is evolving with direct to retail’ will look at one of the toughest challenges ever to face the traditional licensing model; and on the final day, ‘The NFT playbook’ is a deep dive into everything NFT and digital merchandise.

Each of three days of B&LIS focuses on a different theme, with exclusive keynotes as outlined below:

Day 1 – Trends and retail. Keynote: Innovate, adapt, disrupt: In conversation with Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, IKEA Group chairman

Day 2: CSR and sustainability: Keynote: Why the future will be blue – how to become an agent of change: Smurfs’ Philippe Glorieux and Caroline Petit of the United Nations Regional Information Center.

Day 3: Content & digital transformations: Keynote: The Wayfair boost: leveraging ecomm ads for product programmes, Ankit Mangal, director of Wayfair

“Covering everything from sustainability, to diversity and inclusion, sport, streaming, toys, gaming, NFTs, DTR, bricks n mortar and ecommerce, and the changing consumer trends among younger generations, B&LIS will draw out trends and insight from within and outside the brand and licensing industries to really help delegates drive the future direction of their brands, businesses and stores,” explained Anna Knight, VP Licensing, Informa Markets.

“This agenda will challenge you to take stock, open your mind and think differently, so be prepared for an inspirational three days.”

Delegates from the following companies have already signed up to attend: Aldi, Aykroyd & Sons, Amazon, Asda, Blue’s Clothing, Character World, Chupa Chups, DC Thomson Media, Dreamtex, EMP Merchandising, General Mills, Hachette, HTI Toys, Jaz Toys, Popgear, Primark, Simba Dickie, Tesco, Walt Disney Company, Beanstalk, The Entertainer, Unilever, ViacomCBS and Schwager & Steinlein Verlag.

The longlist of confirmed speakers include:

Rikesh Desai, Licensing Director – Merchandise, Partnerships and Interactive, UK & EMEA Consumer Products, BBC Studios
John Friend, Head of Halo and Xbox Consumer Products, Microsoft
Stephanie Freeman, Senior Global Licensing Manager – Outbound Licensing, The LEGO Group
Gabrielle Sims, Head of Licensing, FatFace
Dan Avener, Chief Executive Officer, MDR Brand Management
Karen Hewitt, Co-Founder,
Susan Bolsover, Global Licensing and Consumer Products Director – Penguin Ventures, Penguin Random House UK
June Kirkwood, Sustainable Licensing Consultant, Nutmeg Licensing & Sustaineers Consultants
Simon Gresswell, Managing Director, SGLP
Gary Pope, Co-Founder, Kids Industries
Graham Saltmarsh, Managing Director, Licensing International – UK
Ben Roberts, Content Editor, License Global
Claire McClelland, Client Executive – Entertainment, Kantar
Dorian Bloch, Senior Client Director, Market Intelligence, GfK
Helena Mansell-Stopher, Founder, Products of Change
Ian Shepherd, Founder and CEO, The Social Store
Emily Aldridge, Head of Global Licensing, Abysse Corp
Charlotte Delobelle, European Brand Ambassador, Fashion Snoops
Kate French, Senior Category Manager – Softlines (Footwear, Accessories, Home & Gifting), Hasbro
Steven Plackett, Managing Director, Vista Stationery & Print (Carousel Calendars)
Dan Grant, Licensing Director, Danilo
Leonora Aixas, Co-Founder, DNA Brands
Steve Cox, UK Sales Director, Keel Toys
Sue Stanley, Licensing Director, Brans In Limited
Mark Bezodis, Licensing Managing Director, Perry Ellis International
Scott Macrae, Brands, License, New Business and Partnerships Mission Lead, George at Asda
Dan Amos, Head of Gaming and Esports, Difuzed
Marie-Laure Marchand, SVP Global Consumer Products and Business Development, Chefclub
Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, Vice President of IP Licensing & Partnerships, Studiocanal
Jade Snart, Sustainability and Technical Compliance Expert, George at Asda
Alex Balzaretti, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Games Federation Partnership (CGFP)
Kate Gibson, Managing Director, Gibsons Games
Gary Jacobson, Brand Licensing Manager, Tottenham Hotspur
Lisa Hey, Head of Product Development, Character World
Claire Bradbury, Global Account Director, PowerStation Studio
Philippe Glorieux, Head of Marketing, Communications & Family Entertainment, IMPS – The Smurfs
Caroline Petit, Deputy Director, United Nations Regional Information Center (UNRIC)
Maxine Lister, Head of Licensing, Natural History Museum
Rachel Wakley, General Manager UK, WarnerMedia
Paul Hepworth, Vice President, Licensing, Liverpool Football Club
Sabine Hulsman, CEO, The Cookie Company Group
Pamela Stathaki, Global Head of Sustainability, The Marketing Store, Europe
Jeremy Goldsmith, Managing Director, Event Merchandising Ltd
Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Chairman, Ingka Holding, IKEA Group
Adam Steel, Licensing & Franchise, Moonbug
Gary Ma, COO, Epik
Winston King, VP Partnerships, Epik
Daniel Ruben, Workflow Solutions Director, Kornit Digital
Alistair Mylchreest, Segment Head – Licensors, Kornit Digital
Frédérique Tutt, Global Toys Industry Advisor, NPD
Stuart Lawrence, Author, Silence Is Not an Option: You Can Impact the World for Change
Maarten Weck, EVP & Managing Director, WildBrain CPLG
Rachel Taylor, Commercial Director, WildBrain Spark
Marco Hüsges, CEO & Founder, emoji Company
Ankit Mangal, Director, Wayfair
Gary Grant, Founder and Executive Chairman, The Entertainer
John Baulch, Publisher and Managing Director, Toy World Magazine
Anita Majhu, Senior Licensing & Global Sustainability Manager, BBC Studios
Gianni Romano, Company Director, Lyfcycle

LEGO, Hasbro and Microsoft Xbox among second wave speakers at Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit

The LEGO Group, Hasbro, and Microsoft Xbox have been unveiled among the second wave of speakers to take to the stage at this year’s Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit.

They will be joined by the likes of Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Studiocanal, Chefclub, and Perry Ellis as well as the already announced BBC Studios and Asda for the three-day digital licensing event taking place from June 9th to 11th this year.

The LEGO Group’s Stephanie Freeman, global licensing manager – outbound, and Mark Bezodis, licensing managing director, Perry Ellis International will contribute to an opening day panel session called Brainstorming the future of licensing in retail and vice versa, alongside Penguin Random House and Licensing International MD, Graham Saltmarsh.

Day one of the event will focus on Trends and Retail and the five experienced panellists will cover questions being asked at retail right now, including:

  • Whether and how to pivot online
  • How stocking and selling licensed product could change in the future
  • The benefit of adapting to in-store experiential offerings
  • How to reinvigorate returning customers to bricks and mortar stores
  • The impact digital strategies are having on IP

Bezodis commented: “BL&IS is an important event for the licensing industry because, for many, it’s an opportunity to pause and listen to the pioneers of the industry and the only event which seems to have its finger on the pulse of all things licensing and retail.”

LEGO’s Freeman, added: “I am honoured to join a panel at B&LIS and provide my insights and experiences over my time in licensing and also during the last year. Touchpoints for people within the industry are essential during these times, to ensure we all keep connected and feel a sense of being part of a larger team, and I am looking forward to learning from fellow panellists and it will be great to engage with people I wouldn’t necessarily cross paths with.”

The second day of BL&IS will focus on sustainability and CSR with content curated by Products of Change and speakers from Hasbro, George at Asda, Lyfcycle, DNA Brands and Brands In Limited will address the damaging effects of the fashion industry on the planet, and how the industry is transitioning to a sustainable future.

John Friend, head of Halo and Xbox Consumer Products at Microsoft will join a day three panel alongside Difuzed head of gaming and esports Dan Amos and Scott Macrae, Asda’s new business and partnerships manager.

The summit’s third day takes a deep dive into content and digital transformation, and John Friend’s panel is called Next Level: Why Gaming and Esports is Dominating the Entertainment Leaderboard. He and his fellow panellists will help delegates to understand:

  • The types of games on the market and their relative franchise strength/accessibility to consumer products markets
  • The role of community and evangelism in gaming consumer products
  • Navigating rapid speed of consumption to capitalise on opportunity and maximise longevity
  • Tapping into the potential of streaming

BL&IS is a three-day virtual event that has been designed to help middle-management, business leaders and owners to navigate the changing retail, content and consumer landscape.

Online registration for the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summits is now open at

Early bird discounts of 30 per cent are available until 16 April. A three-day delegate pass at the early bird rate will cost just £175 (£158 for Licensing International members). Qualified retailers are invited to register for free.

Asda, BBC, and Kantar among first speaker line-up for Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit

Licensing experts from Asda, BBC and Kantar are among the first tranche of speakers announced for Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit, which takes place online from 9-11 June.

Early bird registration for the summit opens today, with three-day passes starting at just £175 (£161 for Licensing International members) and closes on 16 April. 

The three-day event will help middle-management, business leaders and owners navigate the changing retail, content and consumer landscape through keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables and workshops all providing actionable advice, information and strategies on the future of brands and licensing.

Insights leaders Claire McLelland (Kantar client executive, pictured above) and Gary Pope (Kids Industries Co-Founder & CEO) will tackle the ‘consumer’ as they join License Global’s content editor Ben Roberts to investigate the changing purchasing choices of children, Generation Z and millennials. 

Asda’s Ruth Golightly, who recently revealed the grocer was ‘unapologetic for its approach to own the market for licensed clothing in the UK’, will debate what’s next for bricks and mortar and the future of the high street consumer. 

BBC Studios’ Licensing Director Rikesh Desai, Nutmeg Licensing Managing Director June Kirkwood and SGLP MD Simon Gresswell will all take part in Day Two of B&LIS, which focuses on CSR and sustainability with a programme exclusively curated by Products of Change.

“We’re delighted to have such well-respected experts across retail, sustainability, consumer behaviour and content trends joining us for the first B&LIS in June and are really excited to firm up many more inspirational names over the next few weeks,” explained Anna Knight, VP of licensing, Informa Markets.

Claire McClelland, client executive, Kantar, said: “We as businesses and consumers have undergone over a year of constant change. It’s been harder than ever to unlock opportunities through our core shoppers – as behaviour is changing constantly to adapt to new rules.

“B&LIS will give attendees better clarity on the latest industry trends and provide actionable insight to plan with confidence.”

Products of Change CEO Helena Mansell-Stopher added: “Education is the most powerful tool we have to change our social norms and drive business forward to a more sustainable future, with the smart insights gathered by the wonderful team at Informa and the calibre of speakers and topics of the inaugural B&LIS conference, I cannot think of a better stage to continue the sustainable conversation outside the POC platform and the SILC conference.”

Online registration for the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summits is now open at

Early bird discounts of 30 per cent are available until 16 April. A three-day delegate pass at the early bird rate will cost just £175 (£161 for Licensing International members). Qualified retailers are invited to register for free.

Brand & Licensing Innovation Summits to launch in Europe and North America this year

Global Licensing Group is to launch its Brand & Licensing Innovation Summits in Europe and North America to celebrate the power of brands and brand extension, as well as provide trends and forecasts, retailer insights, spotlights on growth categories, and deep dives into digital and content innovation.

B&LIS 2021 aims to help middle-management, business leaders, and owners to navigate the changing retail, content, and consumer landscape through keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables, and workshops all providing actionable advice, information and strategies on the future of brands and licensing.

Content will be curated by the License Global editorial team and Products of Change and is presented in association with industry trade body Licensing International. The inaugural B&LIS, focusing on the European market, will premiere as a virtual event on June, 9 to 11 2021.

Each day of the event will spotlight a different topic, with trends and retail taking its day one slot, CSR and sustainability with a programme curated by Products of Change taking place on day two, and day three dedicated to content and digital transformation.

The second edition of B&LIS will focus on the American market and takes the form of a hybrid summit on October 27th to 28th with the in-person element hosted in New York.

“We spent many, many hours talking to the industry before launching B&LIS, and our research confirmed there is huge appetite for forward-looking content that highlights the innovations, insight and future trends that will drive the success of brands and businesses post-pandemic,” said Anna Knight, VP of Licensing, Informa Markets.

The Brand & Licensing Innovation Summits will complement the Global Licensing Group’s current trade show portfolio, which includes Brand Licensing Europe (November, 17 to 19 in London) and Licensing Expo (August 10 to 12 in Las Vegas).

Knight added: “Our trade shows very much focus on deal-making, networking and trend spotting whereas the newly launched B&LIS summits are a complementary thought-leadership opportunity for the industry to learn from and debate with experts inside and outside the world of licensing.

“They will provide inspiring and exclusive content on future-looking actionable trends and enable delegates to better navigate the changing licensing landscape.”

Register your interest now for the European Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit at