FaNaTtiK expands its licensing deal with Yu-Gi-Oh!

Award-winning collectible and gift specialist FaNaTtiK has secured a three-year extension to its long-standing licensing agreement with the hit brand Yu-Gi-Oh!, covering additional new products and territories.

Yu-Gi-Oh! has been entertaining and engaging audiences globally for over 25 years through its Manga, TV series (with over 900 episodes), three feature films, consumer products, hit mobile games Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, as well as the immensely popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. 

“Some Anime brands may come and go but Yu-Gi-Oh! is an evergreen with a passionate fan base that appreciate the gifts and collectibles we have created over the years,” says Anthony Marks, M.D., FaNaTtiK. “We look forward to creating many more fan focused products featuring this global IP over the next three years and beyond.” 

Jennifer Coleman, Vice President of Licensing and Marketing at Konami Cross Media NY, says: “FaNaTtiK is a tremendous partner for the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand. Its wide range of unique gifts and collectibles have delighted fans in the European market. We are excited to extend our relationship with FaNaTtiK to include even more products we believe will continue to impress fans. FaNaTtiK’s passion and understanding of the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand shines through in what it creates.”

FaNaTtiK will be supplying the North American, UK, Europe MENA and Australasian markets via its own offices and network of distributers. As well as the vibrant independent trade where Yu-Gi-Oh! thrives, the company will have products that appeal to all levels of pop culture retailers, from online to supermarkets, with a wide spectrum of retail price points and limited-edition pieces.


Geek Retreat moves into Dumfries and stays on track to open 60 stores by end of 2021

The geek culture retailer, Geek Retreat, is continuing on its ambitious plans for the UK with the successful launch of its new store in Dumfries, bringing its total numbers of shops around the country to 28.

Situated on Church Crescent and providing five local jobs, the new Geek Retreat store – a geek culture retailers, gaming cafe, and events space rolled into one – aims to offer a safe and friendly environment ‘where people can gather and enjoy shared interests.’

The retailer aims to provide for all fanbases within the geek culture community, from Marvel and Magic the Gathering to Yu-Gi-Oh, Warhammer, and Pokemon, as well as traditional board games. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a full menu with vegetarian, vegan, and kids’ options all developed in partnership with the food service firm, Booker.

The Geek Retreat has previously outlined the importance it places on providing an inclusive, welcoming, and social environment for its more vulnerable customers such as those with autism or with mental health issues. The retailer has a national partnership with the National Autistic Society, while the Dumfries store locally supports The D&G Queerier, LIFT D&G, and Dumfries Gamers.

Samuel Glendinning, franchise owner at Geek Retreat Dumfries, said: “We are excited to have opened our doors and be bringing something new and different to the Dumfries Town center and to the local community. A safe and inclusive place to play, relax, have fun and make friends, where they can share their love of all things geeky from anime and manga to trading card games such as Pokemon and Magic:The Gathering.”

Emma Harper, MSP for South Scotland, added: “The opening of the unique Geek Retreat store and café in Dumfries is great news. The store proposes to offer a safe, friendly environment where people can come and enjoy their shared gaming interests as well as traditional board games.

“It is also extremely welcome that Geek Retreat provides an inclusive, welcoming, and social environment for more vulnerable customers, like those with autistic spectrum or with mental health or anxiety issues. Geek Retreat has a national partnership with the National Autistic Society, and locally supports The D&G Queerier, LIFT D&G and Dumfries Gamers.

“I have no doubt that Geek Retreat will be an invaluable asset to Dumfries and I encourage all with gaming interests to pop in and see what it has to offer. I am looking forward to going along for myself in August.”

Geek Retreat is now on track to open 60 of its planned 100 new stores on high streets by the end of 2021, creating 360 jobs around the UK.  The franchise is on track to meet its previously announced target of a total of 100 new stores in 2022.

Its growth is echoed by the increasing popularity of boardgames, card trading and tabletop games which make up an industry worth £8 billion in the UK and is predicted to grow by 3.1 per cent annually over the next three years.

Peter Dobson, chief executive of Geek Retreat, said: “The success of the Dumfries store is another step in the growth of the Geek Retreat franchise. The Geek Retreat proposition and unique culture has proved particularly resilient during the pandemic and has shown us how important it is for people to have a safe please to visit and to share their interests with friends as part of a community.”

All stores commit to a COVID-19 secure environment, with strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place, to give customers extra piece of mind that they can visit in confidence.