Four Fanattik products make it into the Pop Insider Holiday Gift Guide

UK-based Fanattik, the pop culture specialist, has had four of its licensed products included in the prestigious Pop Insider Holiday Gift Guide.

After reviewing thousands of products from companies based all over the world, the magazine, widely seen as a bible for fans of pop culture, selected the 24k gold plated Rocky fight ticket under Collectibles, the Lord of the Rings Elessar Necklace under Accessories and the Harry Potter book cover artwork as well as their Lord of the Rings art print under Home Goods.

“This is a huge honour for us,” says Fanattik MD Anthony Marks. “Only the best in pop culture gifts get a chance to be in this gift guide and for us to have four pieces chosen is amazing.”

These awards come on top of the Fanattik SpongeBob SquarePants bottle opener being nominated for Gift of The Year 2021 by the British Gift Association.

Next year is shaping up to be a busy one for the Fantattik team with the planned launch of their Magic the Gathering collection, as well a range for what could be the biggest film blockbuster of next year: Jurassic World Dominion. Both collections will be unveiled to the European gift trade prior to Christmas 2021.

Fanattik is a licensee for Microsoft, Hasbro, ViacomCBS, Capcom, Universal Studios, Bethesda, Studio Canal, Studio MDHR and more. The company has won numerous awards with the latest being the UK Northwest Business of The Year organised by the Federation of Small Business just prior to the Covid crisis.





Wizards of the Coast and consumer products drive ‘excellent Q2’ for Hasbro as sales surge 54 per cent

Hasbro has seen record releases across its Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment, as well as increased sales within its consumer products division fuel the global entertainment through a stellar second quarter this year.

Sales have surged by 54 per cent on Q2 2020, and nine per cent pro forma 2019 to hit $1.32 billion throughout what Hasbro boss, Brian Goldner has billed as ‘an excellent quarter’ for the toy firm. Its consumer products segment saw revenues increase 33 per cent.

Meanwhile, Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming sement more than doubled, fuelled by ‘record releases’ in Q2 in Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven and the second installment of its Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons narrative, Modern Horizons 2.

Chairman and chief executive officer, Goldner, said: “Hasbro delivered an excellent second quarter, with revenues up 54 per cent versus the second quarter of last year, and nine per cent versus pro forma second quarter 2019.

“Wizards continued to generate outstanding results behind a compelling analog and digital release schedule for Magic: The Gathering. Consumer products revenue increased as demand remains robust for Hasbro toys and games and entertainment revenue grew as we are producing entertainment with strong deliveries.”

The CEO praised the Hasbro team and its high level of performance as it ‘tracks to its target of double digit revenue growth for the full year.’

The quarter’s strong results have been reflected in each Brand Portfolio category under the Hasbro business, with gains witnessed across Magic: The Gathering, NERF, Transformers, Play-Doh, Baby Alive, and My Little Pony. Partner brands revenue increased behind growth in Hasbro products for the Marvel portfolio, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars and The Mandalorian, Disney Princess and Beyblade.

Meanwhile, Hasbro Gaming saw revenue increase on 2020 and 2019, led by Dungeons & Dragons and Duel Masters, as well as a the launch of Foosketball.

In the consumer products segment, revenue and operating profit grew in Hasbro Franchise Brands NERF, Transformers, and Play-Doh, as well as products for Marvel and Star Wars. Point of sale for toys increased, but was off-set by a decline in games point of sale compared to the sector’s strong performance on Q2 2020.

Elsewhere, and it was in the Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment in which records were set. Wizards had two record releases in Q2 in Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven and Modern Horizons 2.

Deborah Thomas, Hasbro’s chief financial officer, said: “Strength across Hasbro’s brands and business backed by strong execution from the entire team drove superb results for our second quarter.

“As we invest to unlock value from our brands across the blueprint, we are on track to reach our objectives for the year while expanding the reach of our business, reducing debt, and paying our dividend. The discipline in our business is evident from the $1.2 billion in cash we had on hand at quarter end, reporting the lowest days sales outstanding in our recent history, and repaying $250 million in debt.”

Geek Retreat moves into Dumfries and stays on track to open 60 stores by end of 2021

The geek culture retailer, Geek Retreat, is continuing on its ambitious plans for the UK with the successful launch of its new store in Dumfries, bringing its total numbers of shops around the country to 28.

Situated on Church Crescent and providing five local jobs, the new Geek Retreat store – a geek culture retailers, gaming cafe, and events space rolled into one – aims to offer a safe and friendly environment ‘where people can gather and enjoy shared interests.’

The retailer aims to provide for all fanbases within the geek culture community, from Marvel and Magic the Gathering to Yu-Gi-Oh, Warhammer, and Pokemon, as well as traditional board games. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a full menu with vegetarian, vegan, and kids’ options all developed in partnership with the food service firm, Booker.

The Geek Retreat has previously outlined the importance it places on providing an inclusive, welcoming, and social environment for its more vulnerable customers such as those with autism or with mental health issues. The retailer has a national partnership with the National Autistic Society, while the Dumfries store locally supports The D&G Queerier, LIFT D&G, and Dumfries Gamers.

Samuel Glendinning, franchise owner at Geek Retreat Dumfries, said: “We are excited to have opened our doors and be bringing something new and different to the Dumfries Town center and to the local community. A safe and inclusive place to play, relax, have fun and make friends, where they can share their love of all things geeky from anime and manga to trading card games such as Pokemon and Magic:The Gathering.”

Emma Harper, MSP for South Scotland, added: “The opening of the unique Geek Retreat store and café in Dumfries is great news. The store proposes to offer a safe, friendly environment where people can come and enjoy their shared gaming interests as well as traditional board games.

“It is also extremely welcome that Geek Retreat provides an inclusive, welcoming, and social environment for more vulnerable customers, like those with autistic spectrum or with mental health or anxiety issues. Geek Retreat has a national partnership with the National Autistic Society, and locally supports The D&G Queerier, LIFT D&G and Dumfries Gamers.

“I have no doubt that Geek Retreat will be an invaluable asset to Dumfries and I encourage all with gaming interests to pop in and see what it has to offer. I am looking forward to going along for myself in August.”

Geek Retreat is now on track to open 60 of its planned 100 new stores on high streets by the end of 2021, creating 360 jobs around the UK.  The franchise is on track to meet its previously announced target of a total of 100 new stores in 2022.

Its growth is echoed by the increasing popularity of boardgames, card trading and tabletop games which make up an industry worth £8 billion in the UK and is predicted to grow by 3.1 per cent annually over the next three years.

Peter Dobson, chief executive of Geek Retreat, said: “The success of the Dumfries store is another step in the growth of the Geek Retreat franchise. The Geek Retreat proposition and unique culture has proved particularly resilient during the pandemic and has shown us how important it is for people to have a safe please to visit and to share their interests with friends as part of a community.”

All stores commit to a COVID-19 secure environment, with strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place, to give customers extra piece of mind that they can visit in confidence.

Finding Neverland | How adult fans are driving toy sales across the UK

There’s no shame in admitting it, toys, games, gaming, and play doesn’t have to have an age limit; something that a growing portion of the UK population can attest to. Last year, the UK’s kidult market hit new heights, fuelled by a pandemic that left grown ups and kids at heart with a lot more time on their hands to revisit their old passions. Given the audience size, it’s a market that can’t be stopped

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A factoid that gets overheard often when you spend any length of time within a city setting, is that you’re at no point, more than seven feet away from a mouse. The same could probably be said for Funko Pop! figures.

In fact, the statistic is likely somewhat higher. Higher still if you swap out specifics for the term now used to categorise a demographic of people that appears to be expanding at an alarming rate. If the most recent NPD figures are anything to go by, the UK’s ‘kidult’ sector, that is the adult audience of toy fans, appears to be, well, breeding like mice.

Accounting for a staggering 27 per cent of the total toy sales here in the UK for the year end 2020, the kidult sector is one that can be, by any means, no longer ignored.

What started decades ago, with the advent of the pop culture consumer products scene has shifted from an underground following of ‘ultra-nerdom’ to a mainstream – if not staple – sector within the UK toy space. Time was, tell a room full of adults about your collection of Transformers toys or your Mage level in the latest tabletop campaign, you’d be faced with stifled chortles and a lifetime of social isolation. Today, those self-confessed nerds are our celebrities, our pop icons, and our sports stars. And that’s OK. These days, when it comes to the topic of adult collectors of toys games, there really is no kidding around.

Take the pop culture gift and consumer products specialist, Fanattik, for instance. In its last financial year report, the firm found itself up around 123 per cent. We’re all aware that 2020 will forever be classed as a ‘freak’ year for sales figures, with online shopping helping drive sales in sectors that wouldn’t necessarily be replicated on the high street, but how would you account for the 40 per cent growth, year on year, that Fanattik has enjoyed each year before Covid-19?

“Traditionally, we never supplied toy retail, our focus was always on the gift trade,” Fanattik’s managing director, Anthony Marks, tells ToyNews. “But enquiries from the toy sector dramatically increased last year, retailers were looking for something different to add to their online offering, and the ones that trialed our range never looked back.”

It’s become a common narrative across the toy industry that the kidult audience is being recognised and catered to at a growing pace by companies and retailers once more aligned with the traditional children’s audience. There’s a reason that the Toymaster catalogue has started including Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons, just as it has welcomed Games Workshop into the fold in recent years, and why Pokemon Trading Card Game sales are in the midst of a world-wide resurgence, and why the local toy shop is just a likely to stock miniatures painting kits as it is Jellycat plush toys for pre-schoolers.

The audience for toys today is multi-generational.

“The genie is out of the bottle,” exclaims Marks. “Just look at the success Playmobil has had with its Back to the Future range. The retailers we are speaking with throughout Europe say that they will always have shelf-space for the latest blockbuster, but the iconic film and gaming brands cannot be ignored anymore.”

Late last month, Fanattik released details of a major new partnership with Hasbro and its Wizards of the Coast segment through which it will launch a range of licensed gifts and collectables based on its Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons gaming franchises. It’s a marker of success for the firm that has managed to carve a reputable name for itself in a market notoriously protective of its favoured IP. Marks has high hopes that the range will replicate the success retailers saw with Fanattik’s Yu-Gi-Oh! ranges when the collection launches in Q3 this year.

“We do not go for the latest film or game release, it has to be a brand with multi-generational appeal, an existing fanbase that
due to the market’s focus on the latest game or film release, finds itself being ignored,” says Marks.

“The Kidult sector has been growing year on year, and the pandemic gave it a major push forward. With no new film releases, for example, fans were going back and watching their old favourites and introducing those films to family members who missed it, or were too young to appreciate them the first time around.

“There are also millions of new gamers that have been created by having to spend more time at home, and that’s an audience that cannot be ignored either.”

This article – and a more in depth look at some of the firms taking on the ‘kidult’ sector – appears in the Spring/Summer issue of ToyNews.

Fanattik partners with Hasbro to launch Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons gifts and collectables

The pop culture gifting specialist, Fanattik, has signed a new partnership with Hasbro for its popular Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons franchises.

The team will work with the brands to develop pop culture focused gifts and collectables including money boxes, clocks, gifts, and more.

Both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons have seen sales surge this past year, operating under the Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment within Hasbro. The two franchises helped the global entertainment company to robust first quarter sales, contributing to a gaming category that totaled $365.3 million for Q1 2021.

Anthony Marks, MD or Fanattik, said: “Retailers have enjoyed strong sales with TCG related product created by Fanattik over the past two years, and they were asking us to replicate this success with other brands and we listened to them.

“You can’t get much bigger than Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.”

The two tabletop gaming properties enjoy a fanbase of millions around the globe, with numbers growing and set to continue growing as Hasbro rolls out further product and brand extensions. With an upcoming Magic: The Gathering Netflix series, a live action Dungeons & Dragons film, and a raft of video games featuring both on the horizon, demand for product is tipped to swell.

“With sales related to both of these brands exploding in Europe, we would like to invite gift and toy retailers who are not already talking to Fanattik to contact myself to book a video appointment to learn more about both of these ranges,” said Luiz Ferreira, head of sales, Fanattik.

Ferriera can be contacted via

New My Little Pony, Transformers, and Magic: The Gathering content among Hasbro’s mass roll-out announcements

It was a flurry of major new announcements across each of its sectors that Hasbro issued throughout its first all virtual investor event this week, including new film and TV content for its biggest franchises including My Little Pony, Transformers, and Magic: The Gathering.

In an address opened by Hasbro’s chairman and CEO, Brian Goldner, the entertainment powerhouse kicked off proceedings by detailing new financial reporting segments: Consumer Products, Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming, and Entertainment.

“We have simplified our structure to maximise our growth and provide a clearer view to the drivers of Hasbro revenues, profit, margin, and cash generation,” said Goldner during the event.

“Our expectation is that we return to growth in revenues, earnings, and EBITDA in 2021. This includes revenue growth in all three segments to potentially achieve double-digit revenue growth across Hasbro for the year.”

The Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment will include all revenue associated with the Wizards of the Coast tabletop and digital games, including Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as licensed Hasbro digital gaming across the portfolio.

Entertainment spans all revenue associated with Hasbro and eOne entertainment across Family Brands, TV and Film, and music.

The announcement came with an extensive roll-out of new announcements across each of the segments, that included the detailing of new animated and live-action TV and film releases across some of Hasbro’s most iconic entertainment franchises, including My Little Pony, Transformers, Peppa Pig, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Consumer Products

Hasbro was quick to project a growth of the consumer products revenue above the industry growth rate, fuelled by an increase in its ecommerce business which it expects to make up for 50 per cent of all consumer products business by 2025.

In its direct to consumer channels, Hasbro is to launch Hasbro Pulse to the UK, with additional markets to follow, while it has also detailed a partnership with Amazon on its PlaySkool brand with a new focus on learning and sustainability for pre-school audiences.

The firm is extending its partnership with Epic Games to continue a licensed roster of products for its Nerf and Games Fotnite collaborations, while expanding the IP into action figures and role play this year and beyond.

Hasbro also detailed three new Monopoly launches in Monopoly Builder, Monopoly Crooked Cash, and the community-based Monopoly campaign launching on March 19.

The company is also eyeing new innovation in the gaming space, aligning itself with voice technology to integrate Alexa into its gaming offering with The Wanted Bounty Hunters board game, a titles that gives players an in-game connection to Alexa and the cinematic world of The Mandalorian.

The toy maker will also be supporting its robust theatrical and streaming calendar of content this year with ranges spanning GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney Princess new releases.

Completing the bill, and in partnership with Merlin Entertainment, Hasbro will be welcoming the opening of the first Peppa Pig theme park in LEGOLAND Florida next year.

Wizards of the Coast

A segment now spanning its hobby and digital gaming audiences, Wizards of the Coast is, according to the firm, ‘approximately halfway to achieving its target of doubling revenue from 2018 to 2023.’

2020 Wizards of the Coast revenue was $816 million, with Magic: The Gathering revenue up 23 per cent and Dungeons and Dragons revenue up 33 per cent for the year.

Alongside new digital game launches for both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, the unit has detailed new crossover products within the collectables and social play space with partners Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop, and Middle Earth Enterprises, to include characters from The Lord of the Rings universe.


Finally, within its Entertainment segment, Hasbro currently has more than 200 projects underway across TV and film.

Franchise plans include those with Transformers which has a panned feature film for 2022, a new animated feature film in developments, a third instalment of Transformers: War for Cybertron on Netflix, a new 20-episdoe animated comedy series on Netflix called Transformers: BotBots, and a new original animated Transformer series with Nickelodeon.

Meanwhile, Magic: The Gathering currently has a feature film in development at Fox, as well as a premium animated series in production with Netflix, while Dungeons and Dragons has partnered with Paramount Pictures for its own feature film, and a number of television projects are in the works.

With My Little Pony, a CGI film will debut on Netflix this year, alongside a new computer animated series.

New Peppa Pig content will continue to roll out through to 2023 as well as PJ Masks.

Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering extend licensed products portfolio with WizKids

Hobby and tabletop gaming fans can immerse themselves deeper within the lore of the popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and the strategy card game Magic: The Gathering thanks to a raft of new products courtesy of WizKids.

WizKids is recognised as the premier manufacturer of premium pre-painted miniatures and tabletop games, but will now introduce an arsenal of new game accessories and lifestyle products for fans wishing to show their affinity to their beloved brands. Debut product categories include action figures, prop replicas, apparel, and game accessories such as maps, battle mats, bags, carrying cases, and more.

“As players and fans of these two popular games, we are thrilled to be creating dynamic products that will enhance the play experience for enthusiasts of these long-admired franchises,” said Justin Ziran, president at WizKids.

WizKids will also offer branded, high-quality paints and paint supplies as a companion to its successful Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line – designed for all levels of painting experience. Additionally, WizKids is adding high quality, unpainted, sprue miniatures for intermediate and veteran miniature painters.

“We are excited to expand our strategic partnership with WizKids to encompass both D&D and Magic. By increasing the variety of products available in key categories, we will further enhance our fans’ experience around the gaming table and offer new collectibles and lifestyle products that allow them to show off their fandom with friends and family,” said Ann Earp, director of licensing at Wizards of the Coast.

“The product quality of WizKids and their ability to tap into what fans are really looking for has grown our business exponentially for D&D, and we look forward to them bringing that same success with Magic: The Gathering products and accessories.”

Expanded categories include Dungeons and Dragons sprue miniatures, action figures, an official paint line, artifacts and prop replicas for both Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons battle mats, maps, bags, and a carrying case.

These new product categories will join the previously announced papercraft and 2D miniatures lines.

Online shopping and gaming surge helps Hasbro hit $1bn ecommerce revenue in 2020

Online shopping and the world’s lean into family gaming throughout the pandemic have helped global entertainment company, Hasbro maintain a steady ship on 2020’s waters as the firm hit $1bn in ecommerce revenue for the first time last year.

Increased revenue across Hasbro Gaming and Hasbro entire gaming catalogue, including Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons of Dragons, have helped the toy maker maintain an even keel over the course of what’s been billed ‘a most challenging year.’

The pandemic has forced a year of changes most notably across the physical retail space and the TV and film sector. It comes as no surprise then, that in its full year 2020 financials, Hasbro has reported a decrease in film and TV revenues through its eOne segment, as well as lower Family Brands revenue due to retail disruption.

However, the global business did see a marked uptick in its ecommerce business that, for the first time in its history, hit the $1bn mark as shoppers have turned to online purchasing in response to lockdown restrictions.

Meanwhile, Revenues in Hasbro Gaming grew 21 per cent while revenues across its total gaming category picked up 20 per cent, and while net revenues for the full year 2020 dipped eight per cent year on year, the surge in ecommerce witnessed an increase of 43 per cent to hit the $1bn mark.

Hasbro bosses have credited the team’s resilience, tenacity, creativity, flexibility, and empathy’ for seeing it through what CEO Brian Goldner called ‘a most challenging year.’

“Our teams successfully drove demand for several product categories across our portfolio including our entire gaming portfolio from Wizards of the Coast brands to face-to-face gaming,” said Brian Goldner, Hasbro’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“They found ways to reach the global consumer despite retail closures throughout the year, delivering over $1bn in ecommerce revenues for the first time. We leveraged our global supply chain capabilities and our evolving geographic manufacturing supplier base to get products made and distributed.

“We integrated our acquisition of eOne and while live-action TV and film production was limited, we made substantial progress developing Hasbro IP for storytelling that we believe will lead to enhanced revenues and earnings power from Hasbro brands from multiple income streams.

“We developed toy and game lines for valuable pre-school brands Peppa Pig and PJ Masks to launch later this year. We concentrated on managing expenses and cash, growing adjusted operating profit margins and finishing the year with $1.45bn in cash on our balance sheet.”

Fourth quarter 2020 revenues four per cent which included growth across its franchise brands such as Magic: The Gathering, Monopoly, and Nerf, as well as products for the Star Wars and The Mandalorian franchises, and Hasbro Gaming. Dungeons and Dragons also saw a standout year.

Deborah Thomas, Hasbro’s chief financial officer, added: “Throughout 2020, the global Hasbro team did an excellent job executing in a challenging environment. In the fourth quarter, we grew revenues and adjusted operating profit, overcoming tough comparisons within the Partner Brand category and last year’s theatrical releases.

“Our focus on working capital and expense management delivered $976.3 million in operating cash flow for the year, and as part of our commitment to paying down our debt, we repaid $123 million of the debt we raised to finance the eOne acquisition.

“We continue to see strong retail, consumer and audience support for our brands and content as we look to the coming year. Global points of sale increased last year, despite lockdowns and retail disruption, and 2021 is starting with a strong year-over-year momentum.”

AMC’s The Walking Dead invades Magic: The Gathering in limited edition Secret Lair crossover

Wizards of the Coast’s globally revered Magic: The Gathering has struck upon a ‘one-of-a-kind crossover with AMC’s The Walking Dead, to bring a super-limited-edition drop to the strategy card gaming franchise called The Walking Dead Secret Lair.

The drop will include an all-premium foil set of cards, with all but one of them being revealed in the coming weeks, and the last in the series being kept a secret for players to discover.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Secret Lair series will be open for pre-order for a limited time between October 4th and October 12th this year, coinciding with AMC’s We are The Walking Dead Weekend that will kick off with The Walking Dead Special Event: The Whisperer War Final Showdown. This will be followed by the premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and ending with a special episode of The Walking Dead in which fans can anticipate an unboxing and preview of the cards.

“Wizards of the Coast is thrilled to collaborate with AMC to bring these iconic characters to the greatest strategy card game,” said Bill Rose, SVP of Magic: The Gathering design and development, Wizards of the Coast.

“We can’t wait for fans of both Magic: The Gathering and AMC’s The Walking Dead to discover fun new ways to play when they add this Secret Lair drop to their collection.”

Clayton Neuman, VP of games for AMC, added: “Magic: The Gathering is one of the most seminal works in the history of gaming. So, we were beyond thrilled to work with Wizards to pair it with one of the most beloved series in the history of television.

“These cards are a perfect blend of the two universes, and we can’t wait for fans to get their hands on them and discover all the tricks we’ve hidden up our sleeves.”

The cards included in this very special Secret Lair drop will be completely new to Magic: The Gathering, depicting the iconic characters of the long-running and critically acclaimed TV Series. The included cards have never been seen before in Magic: The Gathering and bring unique gameplay and text different from any other printed cards, which will only be legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander.

Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Lair is a collection of curated, limited-edition releases featuring some of the most exciting artists working today. The most recent drop celebrated a fan-favorite Magic character with Yargle Day on September 3rd, having previously launched other drops with varied themes, such as supporting International Women’s day, collaborating with Wizard of Barge for an oozing, all-slime crossover, or getting involved with International Dog day.

K-Swiss forges alliance with Magic: The Gathering for re-imagined Gstaad ’86

The American heritage tennis brand, K-Swiss, has forged a new alliance with the collectable and digital collectable card game, Magic: The Gathering. Inspired by the iconic strategy card game, the Magic: The Gathering x K-Swiss collaboration now introduces a complete re-imagination of the Gstaad ’86.

The new partnership sees K-Swiss tap into Magic: The Gathering’s more than 25 years of card character heritage and brings to life one of the most beloved characters, Jace Beleren. The Planeswalker is one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse – with a well-known costume design that sets the tone for the updated K-Swiss Gstaad ’86.

The sneakers are crafted with premium leather overlays and underlays that are accented by glow-in-the-dark elements. The leather collar lining, printed designs, rubber outsole and extra laces are all inspired by Jace’s power and costume. Metal lace clip-ons modeled after Jace’s character design and a debossed Magic: The Gathering logo at the tongue and a sublimated sockliner of Jace’s artwork complete the magical reinvention of this classic K-Swiss style.

The new sneakers are packaged with a special-edition box and tissue paper.

The Magic: The Gathering x K-Swiss Gstaad ’86 are available now. The special-edition launch is limited to just 300 pairs and will be available exclusively Hasbro Pulse retailing at $100.