The London Toy Company launches its first TfL train sets all made from recyclable plastics

The London Toy Company has lifted the lid on its venture into new toy categories this year, with the launch of its Transport for London licensed train set and trains, all made from recyclable plastic.

The new launch marks the first time that The London Toy Company has entered the plastic toys market, having made a name for itself in the plush sector, working with a wealth of reputable licensing partners, including TfL.

Following a two year period of product development, the curtain has been drawn to reveal the firm’s new London Underground Electric Train Set (£39.99), which includes a track and tunnels made from cardboard that can be constructed at home. Having worked closely with TfL engineers, the track presents an authentic shape and feel to a London Tube station, and features an included sound module, reminding fans to ‘Mind The Gap’.

The new line-up also includes a standalone entry level model of the newest S Stock trains on the system, priced at £7.99.

“It’s all very exciting for us to be expanding on our ever-successful Underground soft toy range with a raft of new products for all ages and budgets,” Joel Berkowitz, founder and director of The London Toy Company, told

“Although our soul lies in soft toys, we had fantastic opportunities to expand into the plastic/hardlines category with our licensors. The price point for our new products will fit well into the pocket money category which was a key area we have been wanting to access.”

Early reaction to the toy line has been extremely positive, Berkowitz has revealed, with clients already telling the team that its new Underground Train Set ‘will be the star of the show this Christmas. Many have also championed the company’s decision to use recyclable materials in the production of its new range.

“We have committed to offsetting our carbon footprint and that’s why we have taken the decision to ensure all of our new plastic toys are made from recyclable materials, and are also recyclable themselves,” said Berkowitz.

“TfL is all about encouraging a greener lifestyle and what better way to emphasise this with sustainably manufactured toys that capture the brands’ identity and values.”

Already on board to stock the range this season are the likes of Amazon, and IWOOT, while Berkowitz is filled with surety that the range “will fly” at wider retail.

The company has since teased numerous developments across other key brands within the portfolio and strong performances with Harry Potter and JCB.

“We are also working directly on projects with a number of clients such as Boeing, The Tank Museum, Merseyrail, Goodwood, RAF, Steven Brown Art and other on some incredible new toys,” said Berkowitz.

“Over the last year and a half, I have experienced the roller coaster of extreme pessimism, and extreme optimism.. Collapsed tunnels, yet also tunnels with the brightest light at the end. What I can say is that we have emerged from Covid in ways I had never imagined.

“Silver lining really are a thing. Stay focussed, stay passionate, and do the things you don’t always want to do… and and have fun.”