CluedUpp Games introduces new Smurfs experience

IMPS and CluedUpp Games have announced a brand new licensing agreement that will transform hundreds of cities into a giant Smurf-tastic experience in 2023.

In a number of city-wide events, players will immerse themselves in a unique experience which combines augmented reality with the physical world to turn their hometown into the setting of a brand new Smurfs adventure. Exploring city streets, solving wacky challenges, and meeting their favourite Smurfs characters along the way, players will attempt to save the day from the evil wizard Gargamel.

Tref Griffiths, founder and CEO of CluedUpp Games, says: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be developing a new range of events alongside such an iconic brand as The Smurfs. This partnership presents a wonderful opportunity for families to explore their city and discover The Smurfs in a completely new and exciting way.”

Véronique Culliford, President of IMPS and daughter of Peyo, the creator of the Smurfs, commented: “We’re so excited about this new collaboration with CluedUpp Games. Getting together and having fun, this is what every Smurf likes to do. We can’t wait to see blue waves of Smurfs fans from all around the world exploring their city and thwarting Gargamel’s plans.”

Events are scheduled to take place in more than 800 cities and over 20 countries worldwide. Tickets will go on sale to the public from October 2022.

Spacetoon and IMPS bring Smurfs TV series, toys and live experiences to MENA

Spacetoon, the family edutainment content provider, producer, and broadcaster, has recently partnered with IMPS to bring The Smurfs to MENA through Spacetoon TV channel, entertaining on-ground branded events and new toys.

Based on this partnership, the two parties are to work on re-introducing the show to young audiences in MENA by broadcasting the localised, Arabic dubbed version of The Smurfs in 3DCG animation style, in addition to recreating the “good old days” for those who grew up watching it in 2D years ago.

Audiences will be able to enjoy the adventures of Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy and Clumsy, along with all other inhabitants of The Smurfs Village. This step comes as part of Spacetoon’s strategy to run the most-loved kid- and family-friendly content.

As the promotional licensee of the brand in the region, Spacetoon also has plans to expand the presence of The Smurfs in MENA through various on-ground entertaining activities.

The deal also includes bringing new The Smurfs toys to MENA market, in collaboration with ToyPro, the leading toy distributor in the region. This new toy line by Jazwares, the new global master toy partner of The Smurfs, includes action figures for The Smurfs characters, in addition to toys for all family members to enjoy.

Commenting on the partnership, Kamel Weiss, Strategic Business Development Director of Spacetoon, says: “The Smurfs is a multigenerational title that has been resonating with audiences for 40 years now, and we are proud to have it back in MENA as a TV show and also as branded events. We are aiming to pull all family members together to enjoy live entertaining experiences that suit all ages.”

“We are very excited to bring The Smurfs toys to the region to deliver a full family-entertaining experience with our media partner Spacetoon TV,” says Fawaz Abidin, Managing Director of ToyPro. “The Smurfs figures – reflecting their distinctive personalities – the different playsets, vehicles and plush toys all will hit the shelves in the MENA market next year.”


Planeta Junior extends licensing reach for The Smurfs across Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe

Planeta Junior has secured an agreement with the global license holder IMPS to coordinate The Smurfs’ brand licensing programme across Spain, Portugal, and Central and Eastern Europe.

The deal acts as an extension to Planeta Junior already established remit as The Smurfs’ agent across Iberia. Thanks to the success that the company has seen across the territory, IMPS has decided to renew the agreement with the added regions.

Planeta Junior will manage the licensing program in all categories, except publishing, in all aspects of The Smurfs IP including: the classic brand, (which targets millennial audiences,) and the animated feature films and series, (causing a storm among younger audiences). The new The Smurfs CGI series will hit TV screens in 2022.

“We are happy to extend our collaboration with such a strong and passionate partner as Planeta Junior. They have been very successful increasing the value of The Smurfs in the Iberian market with a broad range of great products that embody the joyful spirit of The Smurfs,” said Véronique Culliford, president and founder of IMPS / LAFIG and daughter of Peyo.

“With the new TV series coming, we want to collaborate with the best partners and Planeta Junior is definitely one of those.”

Ignacia Segura, managing director of Planeta Junior, added: “The Smurfs are some of the most iconic and best loved characters ever created. We are proud to renew this property’s management in Spain and Portugal and to add CEE countries to the agreement. Adults and children will love the amazing products we are developing, which will take The Smurfs into unexplored territories.”

This historic brand is based on the characters and uninverse Belgian cartoonist Peyo created in 1958. The brand has been made contemporary thanks to recent film projects in CGI animation and live action, as well as the latest TV CGI series for five to ten year olds, which will receive its world premiere in 2022.

This new series will feature all the elements that made The Smurfs iconic: comedy, adventure, action, pace and quick-fire dialogue.

Jazwares to launch The Smurfs master toy line in 2022 as Belgian franchise looks for revival with kids

Jazwares has been named the global master toy partner for the popular animated franchise, The Smurfs. The toymaker will develop a new toy line inspired by the classic Belgian franchise, with plans for a 2022 launch.

The partnership is part of International Merchandising Promotions & Services plans to revive the internationally popular brand for today’s generation of children.

Created by Pierre Culliford (known as Peyo), The Smurfs first appeared in 1958 as a comic strip running in the Belgian magazine, Spirou. The brand quickly became a runaway success, and in the decades since, The Smurfs have permeated every aspect of pop culture, evolving into one of the world’s most beloved family brands.

Jazwares’ Smurfs toy line will include plush, figures, and playsets featuring the eternally young, little blue imps and their mushroom village that fans of the classic franchise will immediately recognize.

“The Smurfs is an evergreen franchise with a rich history and timeless values that has ignited children’s curiosity and creativity for decades,” said Laura Zebersky, chief commercial officer at Jazwares. “We are looking forward to working with IMPS to create a toy line that appeals to today’s kids while also capturing the nostalgia that other generations feel for the brand.”

Véronique Culliford, president and founder of IMPS / Lafig and daughter of Peyo, added: “I am extremely proud of this beautiful partnership with Jazwares. It is a family company like ours that advocates for the same human values. I’m sure that with their legendary creativity, many beautiful toys will invade the world to the joy of young and old children.”