Ferrero USA launches promotional partnership with Square Enix for Final Fantasy VII Remake

The American confectioner Ferrero USA has struck up a new promotional partnership with Square Enix in celebration of the launch of the video game title Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Through the partnership, Ferrero is offering players and fans of the video game franchise a dynamic new theme for their PlayStation 4 as well as a selection of exclusive in-game accessories. Ferrero is the only confectionery company to be partnering with Square Enix on the new launch.

“Square Enix is the perfect partner to help us get gamers excited about our delicious products,” said Silvia Borla, vice president of marketing, Ferrero Chocolate Brands, Ferrero North America. “This partnership is an important next step in connecting Ferrero to the world of gaming.”

Starting March 3, with the purchase of any two Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, or Crunch bars, Final Fantasy VII Remake players can register online to receive a dynamic theme for their PlayStation 4 system featuring fan favourite character, Tifa Lockhart.

Participating players can also earn and redeem codes to download items that enhance characters in the game when it is released April 10. Up to five different pieces of in-game armour and accessories that boost stats and abilities will be available, with more powerful items awarded after every code redemption.

“Ferrero is creating a special opportunity for players to enhance their Final Fantasy VII Remake experience,” said John Heinecke, CMO of Square Enix West, “We think fans will be excited about the dynamic theme and items, and we appreciate Ferrero’s partnership in bringing this promotion to players across the United States.”

The promotion begins March 3 and is effective through May 14Further details are available at