Mattel’s Hot Wheels races onto Roblox with the launch of Hot Wheels Open World

Mattel’s popular Hot Wheels brand is racing onto Roblox thanks to the launch of Hot Wheels Open World, a racing experience that allows players to race, collect, and earn over 80 different cars at launch.

The game is the result of a partnership between Mattel and Roblox and has been developed by Gamefan. It encourages players to take part in quests and stunt challenges, as part of a mission to bring Hot Wheels to a new audience of gamers.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Hot Wheels to life for millions of fans around the world on Roblox. The Roblox platform unlocks digital experimentation and play, which are core to the Hot Wheels brand,” said Andrew Chan, head of digital gaming at Mattel.

“Hot Wheels Open World provides a creative sandbox for Hot Wheels gamers of all ages to play and compete online together.”

The Roblox is recognised for allowing players to create and programme their own games, and early speculation suggests that this will be an element brought into the new title. Hot Wheels is known for its creative and customisable track building, as well as its collectability.

The game also utilizes an open world, letting players drive around a vast map in search of stunts, racetracks, and hidden items, whether they’re inside volcanoes or on the beach.

Hot Wheels Open World is out now for Xbox One, PC, and Mac, and will be out later for iOS and Android.