EPOCH making toys: “2021 is a year of huge potential for our Super Mario Games”

EPOCH making toys has earmarked 2021 as a ‘year of huge potential’ for Super Mario Games, as the international toy firm prepares to bolster a range of official Nintendo licensed products launched to UK retail this autumn/winter.

Its current portfolio, comprising the Super Mario Balancing Game that challenges players to balance Mario characters on a swaying stage, the Super Mario Blow Up Shaky Tower, that sees characters attempt to scale a tower, and the Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape, a plant dodging board game, has been launched to a ‘resounding success.’

The toy firm will now expand the reach of the initial launch portfolio as well as grow the range through autumn/winter 2021 in the lead up to next Christmas.

“We see 2021 as a year of huge potential for Super Mario Games,” Kim Nicholls, brand manager at EPOCH making toys, told Licensing.biz. “We’ll have more product in the market and be able to support the range with a multimedia marketing plan.”

Nicholls’ plans follow what she has dubbed a ‘hugely positive response’ to the launch of the initial line of games this year.

“We don’t see the momentum slowing down in 2021, especially with the ramp up to the feature film in 2022,” she added.

2020 has marked a year of high activity for Nintendo’s Super Mario brand that – sharing its 35th anniversary year with Epoch’s own Sylvanian Families – has found itself the focus of a brand re-invigoration within the toy space, that includes a major new partnership with LEGO and licensed ranges from Hasbro.

“The appetite for the Super Mario license is immense in the UK at the moment and as a company we are proud to launch an exciting range of games for such a beloved brand,” continued Nicholls.

“Epoch Head Office has a long-standing relationship with Nintendo that we are thrilled to be bringing to the UK.

“Our Super Mario Games truly offer something for everyone. The variety of gameplay styles within the range vary from solo to group play, balancing challenges to more traditional board game play. The Link System also allows for the games to be played together, which offers players a new experience each time.

“We think Super Mario fans will be wowed by the attention to detail in our game figures, which have huge collectability.”

As the company prepares to extend the portfolio through the coming year, EPOCH making toys has also teased a new addition to the popular Aquabeads line up.

“Not only is the Super Mario Games range an exciting new endeavour for Epoch Making Toys, but fans of Super Mario should also keep their eyes peeled for an exciting launch with Aquabeads later in 2021,” Nicholls concluded.