Xplora’s new kids’ smartwatch partners with Tom & Jerry, Peter Rabbit to keep kids active and safe

Dr Who, PlayStation, Peter Rabbit, and Tom & Jerry have been named among the children’s properties to join up to the Norwegian smartwatch company Xplora’s latest move on the kids’ tech space through collaboration on a prize system that rewards kids for staying active and getting their daily steps in.

The tech company has this week launched its XGO2 Android smartwatch, a wearable piece of tech for kids aged five to 12 boasting a number of parent-focused features, including a GPS tracking system as well as the ability to make and receive calls from numbers saved by carers to the device’s control centre.

The biggest selling point of the new smartwatch however, is its approach to active play for children, with a step counter that encourages kids to stay active, investigate, and explore while collecting rewards.

With in-built sensors, the watch can accurately track a child’s steps which earns them Xplora Coins to be used on the Xplora Goplay Platform. The platform aims to motivate children to spend more time taking part in physical activities offline, in exchange for virtual rewards.

Xplora has already secured partnerships with the likes of PlayStation, Peter Rabbit, Dr WHo, and Tom & Jerry.

Kids earn one coin for every 1000 steps they make, which can then be used to claim products, merchandise from the licensing partners, and online game time such as with the Tom & Jerry Pinball game. Users who achieve a top three placement on the leader board will receive exclusive prize bundles.

Research from Xplora has already found that kids who engage with the Goplay platform via their Xplora smartwatches typically take up to 300 per cent more steps a day than regular users.

“Two questions that almost every parent asks themselves are, how can I better communicate with my children, and how can I get them more active?” said Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora.

“That is what drove us to create the Xplora smartwatch for kids. Estimates predict more than 100 million smartwatches for children will be shipped in the next two years, so we realised our product and service platform would need to stand out and address these questions.”

The smartwatch provides a number of safety features for children including an emergency SOS button, as well as the option to set up Safety Zones around key locations such as home and school, sending alerts to parents if their child exits these areas.