From the US | Jazwares unveils its Dino Ranch toy, plush, playset and vehicle line-up

Jazwares has finally unveiled its highly anticipated Dino Ranch toy line, expanding on the dinosaur themed world of play from the popular animated series which has become the number one preschool show on US cable since it launched in January.

Items in the new range from Jazwares will be making their debut at online retailers such as,, and Amazon this autumn, with additional in-store listings with key retailers across the UK, including Kohls.

The new product range spans plush, assorted figures, feature vehicles, and play-sets, all based on the character, settings and story lines found within the hit CG animated series. Dino Ranch is produced by Industrial Brothers and Boat Rocker Studios and made its US debut in January this year on Disney Junior.

The series follows the Cassidy family as they tackle life in a fantastical “pre-westoric” setting where dinosaurs roam. The working farm is the ultimate playground for the tight-knit family: Ma (Jane), Pa (Bo) and their three adopted kids, Jon, Min and Miguel. Together they are in charge of rounding up, riding and caring for a lively herd of racing, roaring dinosaurs who are also their best friends.

“We’re thrilled to bring the world of Dino Ranch to preschoolers, and the entire team at Jazwares is ready to join the roundup of the ultimate prehistoric meets Wild West toy line,” said Laura Zebersky, president of Jazwares.

“Loveable, colorful, and full of surprises, this new line will transform playtime into a dino-driven world of adventure.”

Kate Schlomann, EVP brand management and content marketing, Boat Rocker Studios said: “We are delighted to see Jazwares innovative toy line finally launch. Jazwares is the perfect partner for Dino Ranch, and have transformed the onscreen characters into a fantastic product range with great play value, allowing kids to build out their very own Dino Ranch world.

“We’ve had lots of requests for toys on our social channels and cannot wait to see how fans react to them.”

The new Dino Ranch product line includes:

  • Dino-Mites Assortment ($3.99 MSRP): Create the ultimate playground with the Dino Ranch Dino-Mite egg blind figures, featuring 12 mighty mini dinosaur toys to collect.
  • Dino Ranchers 2-Pack Assortment ($8.99 MSRP): Bring home the adventure with the Dino Ranch 2-Pack featuring one Dino Rancher (Jon, Min or Miguel), plus their dino sidekick!
  • Dino Ranch 6 Figure Pack ($24.99 MSRP): The Dino Ranch 6 Figure Pack features all three Dino Ranchers along with their respective dino companions!
  • Dino Action Pack Assortment ($12.99 MSRP): Build out your own Dino Ranch with the Dino Ranch Action Pack Assortment, featuring an adorable 5-inch Dino Ranch facade, four 4-inch articulated dino figures, and four connectable fence pieces.
  • Deluxe Dino Pack ($14.99 MSRP): Saddle up and join Biscuit, the T-Rex and Angus, the triceratops at the Dino Ranch! The 5-inch feature dinos are the biggest ones at the Dino Ranch, the ranch and dinosaur sanctuary where Jon, Min, and Miguel live with Ma (Jane) and Pa (Bo!)!
  • Feature Vehicle Assortment ($12.99 MSRP): Ride along with Jon, Min, & Miguel with the Dino Ranch Feature Vehicle Assortment. Each 5” Dino vehicle has a unique feature and includes their Dino Rancher Figure sidekick!
  • Hatchery Playset ($19.99 MSRP): The Dino Ranch Hatchery Adventure Set is the perfect way to expand the Dino Ranch! It includes a light up Dino Egg Incubator, an Exclusive Mini figure, two Dino-Mites, plus six accessories.
  • Clubhouse Playset ($39.99 MSRP): Welcome to the Dino Ranch Clubhouse, the Dino Ranchers’ hangout spot! This large playset is modular and comes with 9 built-in features, as well as one dino rancher figure, two small dinosaurs, and one free wheel vehicle.
  • Plush Assortment ($6.99 MSRP): The Dino Ranch Little Plush Assortment features one of three soft and cuddly dinos. They look like they jumped right out of the show! Get to know Blitz, the lightning-fast velociraptor, Clover, the gentle brontosaurus, and Tango, the mighty triceratops.