Steamforged Games partners with SEGA for Sonic the Card Game launch

Steamforged Games, the tabletop gaming specialist behind hit titles like Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, and the Peaky Blinders card game, Faster Than Truth, has set tongues wagging once more, with a tease of a new card game based on SEGA’s iconic Sonic franchise.

The announcement of a new partnership between the games publisher and the video game studio, SEGA, arrived via what it being billed as a ‘stealth drop’, quietly listing the new Sonic title among a long-list of new titles to launch from Steamforged this year.

In fact, so stealthy was the announcement that details of the new title have been kept to just the title itself, as chatter among fans across the globe begins to pick up over just what Steamforged’s Sonic The Card Game will deliver to the playing space.

Fans across the scene have begun speculating what the game may entail, with drawing conclusions that given the nature of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, a racing card game can best be expected, playing into the similar vein of the family-friendly Sonic game, Sonic Crash Course that charges players with racing each other on the tabletop.

“Sonic’s the name, and speed is the game—literally! Join the beloved blue blur in a competitive card racing game where you’ll collect power-ups and rings to win,” read a short description of the game on Steamforged’s website.

Among the list of announcements, Steamforged also released reminders about is catalogue of video game inspired tabletop titles, including PacMan and its several beast-themed expansions for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game.