Chefclub partners with Tefal to launch limited edition Roi de la Raclette

The leading French digital cooking brand, Chefclub has struck up a partnership with the kitchen brand, Tefal to launch the limited edition Roi de la Raclette, or to give it its English title, the Raclette King.

With the on-set of the winter months, those dark mornings and evenings usher in a whole new reason to get out of bed, the raclette season is now upon us, a time of year when food needs to be covered with thick, melted cheese, just to make the rest of the day seem worthwhile.

Now, through a union of culinary expertise, Chefclub and Tefal have joined forces to tap directly into the raclette market with the launch of Roi de la Raclette, a limited edition raclette and grill machine, along with a card game designed to liven up the evening and crown the Raclette King, to Chefclub’s digital audience.

Renowned for its videos of innovative recipes that continue to tantalize the tastebuds of some 90 millions food fans each month, Chefclub is helping its follows to rediscover the warmth of this ‘indulgent season’.

“Winter is approaching, families are together every night, and the world’s sporadic lockdowns continue,” read a statement from Chefclub. “So what could be more convivial than raclette? Well, raclette with a card game. Rediscover this warm and indulgent season, because fun with Le Roi de la Raclette is going to be so Gouda.”