Archie and Flash Gordon form alliance in one-off comic book collab for King Features and Archie Comics

King Features Syndicate is partnering with Archie Comics for a crossover licensing deal that will see Archie’s Pals and Gals enter a new storyline with Flash Gordon in a one-off comic book, Archie Meets Flash Gordon.

The 48 page special issue will be written by Jeff Parker – who wrote Flash Gordon for Dynamite Entertainment – with art by Archie mainstay, Dan Parent. 

The exclusive comic book will see the Riverdale gang discover a crashed alien spaceship that will lead them to the planet Mongo and Ming the Merciless, with Flash Gordon in tow.

“I’m now a pretty big believer that the Riverdale gang can fit with practically any other characters and genres, but it’s best when they get to really flex and go way outside their zone like say, the planet Mongo with Flash Gordon, King of the Impossible, said Parker.

Flash Gordon was launched in 1934 as a newspaper comic strip created by Alex Raymond. The property is currently under the ownership of King Features Syndicate, the media firm known widely in the licensing space for its management of Popeye and Betty Boop IP.

“King Features and Archie Comics are a great team, so having our beloved characters, Flash Gordon and the Archie kids team up too, is an exciting moment for both of these classic brands,” said King Features Syndicate editorial director, Tea Fougner.

“To top it off, to work with such amazing talent like Dan Parent and Jeff Parker is an honour. Their love for all of these characters shines through every page, and we’re thrilled to share this story with fans new and old.”