Pokémon Shirts teams with Newsed to re-purpose fabric waste as pop culture keychains

The pop culture apparel specialist, Original Stitch and its Pokémon-centric brand, Pokémon Shirts has kick-started a new initiative to re-purpose and create a collection of Pokémon keychains from fabric remnants left in the creating and tailoring process of its popular line of clothing.

As part of the initiative, the first 2,000 customers who now purchase a Pokémon Shirt will receive a specialty re-purposed acrylic keychain as a gift. These keychains are made from the fabric cut offs created when tailoring one of Pokémon Shirts’ shirts out of a roll of fabric.

Pokémon Shirts are made to order and are already manufactured with the consideration of creating as little waste as possible. Original Stitch is also collaborating with The Pokémon Company to release a documentary film featuring the process of designing, fabric printing, and tailoring its customisable shirts, featuring unique prints of hundreds of Pokémon.

The documentary will feature interviews with Pokémon Shirts craftspeople involved in the manufacturing process, allowing fans to see how their shirts are made after placing their order online. There will also be a Newsed edition, which details how the fabric remnants from the tailoring prcess are re-purposed into keychains.

Newsed is the up-cycle brand at the centre of the re-purposed keytchain initiative. The firm’s ethos is centered on the concept of “reviving something into a new thing by looking at the old item with a new perspective, rather than labeling it as scrap and creating waste”.

Pokémon Shirts is a company providing customization options for button-up shirts, Hawaiian style shirts and polos that combine all 251 types of original printed fabrics (Pokémon that appear in Pokémon Red/Green and Pokémon Gold/Silver) or plain fabrics.