US brand Owens Corning celebrates its 40 year partnership with MGM’s The Pink Panther

The US construction company Owens Corning is celebrating a 40 year relationship with MGM’s iconic The Pink Panther, the recognised mascot for the business having kicked off its partnership back in August 1980. Over the course of four decades, The Pink Panther has starred in countless TV, print, and digital media promotions for the firm.

The Pink Panther also adorns the vehicles and hundreds of select contractors, distributors, and builders working with the company’s roofing and insulation business. The partnership first got off the ground to promote sales of Pink Fiberglas insulation on August 15, 1980.

“The relationship between Owens Corning and The Pink Panther is nothing short of remarkable,” said Suzanne Harnett, Owens Corning’s vice president of corporate affairs. “For 40 years, The Pink Panther has been a smart and stylish ambassador for our company speaking persuasively to our brand promise despite never uttering a word.”

Robert Marick, MGM’s executive vice president, global consumer products and experiences, said: “Marking 40 years of The Pink Panther as spokesperson for Owens Corning is a true moment to celebrate. It’s rare that you see a promotional relationship like this continue for decades.

“It speaks to both the timelessness and universal appeal of The Pink Panther, as well as Owens Corning’s ability to make him an integral part of their marketing and platforms.”

The company’s enduring relationship with The Pink Panther began the same year that saw the introduction of CNN, Pac-Man, and Post-it Notes, and it has since coincided with the terms of seven US presidents.

The concept for pairing The Pink Panther with Owens Corning was first suggested by Roger Butler, an executive at the New York-based advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

The association was made given the colour of the company’s insulation, which has brandished its distinctive pink hue for more than 60 years. The color was added in 1956 when the company was testing a new form of the product. After demonstrating decades of widespread use of the colour PINK®, Owens Corning became the first company to receive a trademark for a color, on May 12, 1987.