Messaging app Rakuten to develop licensing programme with Medialink

The messaging app service, Rakuten Viber has signed a deal with Medialink Animation International Limited, to transform the popular app’s sticker characters into a merchandising programme for the Philippines. Medialink is regarded as on of Asia’s biggest licensing agents.

Violet, LegCat, Freddie, Lola, and the rest of the Viber gang have been an integral part of the messaging app users’ daily conversations, encouraging them to communicate and express themselves in a more genuine and playful manner. Over 2 billion stickers are sent globally on Viber each month.

A survey conducted by Viber showed that over 90 per cent of Filipino respondents were familiar with the app’s sticker characters, while over 85 per cent said they were interested in owning Viber-character branded products.

Soon, they will be able to find merchandise based on these beloved sticker characters in leading stores in the Philippines.

“Medialink brings solid expertise, knowledge and great passion to help us take our massively successful sticker characters into the real world in the Philippines – a market with an 85 per cent interest in owning Viber-branded products. Just knowing that Viber fans will soon get to extend their love for Violet, LegCat and other characters in more tangible quality ways is truly exciting and a great step into deepening our relationship with our audience of over 1 billion users globally,” said Matan Kaufman, product marketing director at Viber.

“We’re very excited to be working with Viber on this project. With our best effort and experienced team, we are sure that we can create the first successful Viber licensing,” added Noletta Chiu, executive director of Medialink.

“We know that this venture will be a success because Viber’s sticker characters are already so ingrained in the everyday chats of Filipinos. It’s only natural that consumers will embrace them even more fully through official merchandise. It’s an exciting venture for Rakuten Viber and Medialink is incredibly honoured to be part of it.”