EOLO Toys and Panini on board for new animated series and app game SuperMasked

EOLO Toys and Panini have been named among a portfolio of licensing partners already on board to launch exclusive toys and collectables based on an upcoming animated series and app game, SuperMasked.

A joint venture between Maya Studio and EOLO’s own toy design house and motion graphics centre, Toy Zone, SuperMasked is an animated superhero saga that teaches kids that they don’t need to be perfect to be a hero. The animated comedy will become the focus of its own app game this autumn.

Multiple licensing partners have already been tapped for the new IP, including Panini and EOLO Toys who will each launch ‘very unique and exclusive lines’ in the coming months.

“Our main mission is to make everyone happy and keep smiling even through difficult times,” said EOLO’s Toy Zone director of fun, Alex Prieto. “We love this property, its values and of course it’s going to be lots of fun. [It has been] great to work with Maya on this, they are very talented and know how to enjoy the process, this will for sure be reflected in the end result.”

Maya Studio has made a name for itself in the entertainment and licensing space through the success of its Catrinas Underworld brand, a playful adaptation of the Mexican skulls art and style. The brand has enjoyed vast success in licensing with products spanning books and bags to collectable dolls, costumes and more.

Maya’s creative director, Javi Monler, added: “The toy world is something that fascinates us. Seeing that the things you have created move and serve to entertain is the greatest thing a creative could dream of.

“Catrinas is the brand that has shown us the way, and while establishing itself with top products in the market, we present SuperMasked, a new property that will not leave anyone indifferent.”