Moonbug Entertainment partners with Amazon Kids+ on original new content slate

Moonbug Entertainment has teamed up with Amazon Kids+ to create, produce, and distribute a whole new portfolio of entertaining and educational children’s content, starring a cast of popular characters.

The first joint project under the partnership includes an original production of Arpo Robot Babysitter, based on the hit YouTube show Arpo. The production will premiere on Amazon Kids+ alongside a new Arpo mobile game.

“Our partnership with Amazon Kids+ expands Arpo’s world and takes children on new adventures,” said Andy Yeatman, Managing Director of the Americas at Moonbug. “Arpo’s unique format makes it accessible to kids across the globe, making them laugh as they meet new characters and sharpen their problem-solving skills.”

Veronica Pickett, head of Amazon Kids+ original series, added: “The arrival of Arpo into the Amazon Kids+ offering is a joyful example of our commitment to deliver content that kids and families will love.

“The heart and humor at the core of Arpo creates so many LOL moments that are inspiring the world of entertainment we’re building with the new original series and game.”

Arpo is an animated show based on slapstick humor for children three to seven years old. Its non-dialogue format entertains kids who speak all languages. The original production coming to Amazon Kids+ takes kids on a series of adventures as Arpo faces new challenges, between caring for Danny’s adopted Korean baby sister Cookie and adjusting to a team of new robots built by Mom.

On YouTube alone, Arpo has more than 5 million subscribers, 110 million views per month, and 1.9 billion lifetime views.

In addition to the new Amazon Kids+ relationship, Moonbug has brokered partnership deals for its programs with over 100 streaming platforms on a local and global scale, including Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Sky and Tencent, and has category-leading viewership on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Moonbug continues its international expansion as it scoops Korean animated IP Arpo

More news from Moonbug’s ongoing plans for global expansions has arrived as the firm behind the success of Little Baby Bum has scooped up the popular Korean animated series Arpo.

Throughout 2020, Moonbug will produce 26 premium three to five minute episodes of the slapstick animated comedy on global OTT platforms in the US, EMEA, and APAC. Arpo currently boasts over 2 million subscribers and 100 million monthly views on YouTube.

The first 12 new episodes from Moonbug have already launched.

Arpo is a light dialogue, slapstick show that follows the relationship between Arpo, a commando robot-turned-nanny and Baby Daniel, the curious boy that he cares for. In the latest episodes being developed, Moonbug will introduce the show’s global audience to new characters and expanded worlds.

Arpo helps children aged three to six build an understanding of non-verbal communication like body language and facial expressions, and also promotes life skills such as friendship, being considerate of others and cooperation.

“As Moonbug continues to expand globally, Arpo was a program that immediately caught our eye. It is such a unique, fun show and we recognised how well it resonated with the progressive audience in Korea, as well as others around the world,” said John Robson, COO of Moonbug.

“We’ve seen a huge demand in new content from these beloved characters and are looking forward to expanding ARPO’s reach to new markets over the coming year.”

Arpo is currently available on popular streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Kidoodle.TV, Roku, YouTube and more.

It joins Moonbug’s own expanding portfolio that currently boasts the likes of Little Baby Bum, My Magic Pet Morphle, Supa Strikas, and Go Buster. Moonbug shows are available on global platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Sky, Amazon Prime Video and many more.