‘King of Soul’ Sam Cooke moves into licensing with ALG Brands

The American singer-songwriter, civil rights activist, and recognised King of Soul, Sam Cooke is making a move on the licensing space via a new partnership between the Sam Cooke estate and ALG Brands.

Under the partnership, ALG will represent services for the estate, including the licensing of Cooke’s personality rights and administration of his digital and social media assets.

ALG will work alongside estate CEO, and granddaughter of Cooke, Nicole Cooke-Johnson to “maintain and expand the legacy” of the late entertainer through branding and content initiatives with multi-generational appeal.

In addition to establishing the iconic singer’s online presence with an official website and social media profiles, Cooke-Johnson and Austin will spearhead branded media projects leading up to the singer’s 90th birthday in 2021 and beyond.

“My grandfather was a visionary who understood the power of words, music and ownership,” said estate CEO Nicole Cooke-Johnson. “From his singer-songwriter roots in Gospel music to his global successes in R&B and soul music, my grandfather was an influencer who intentionally used his form of branded entertainment to affect changes in his community, for our nation and around the world.

“I am very proud to be continuing his legacy by working with ALG to explore new co-branding opportunities that will inspire people today and for many more years to come as my grandfather’s leadership, creativity and music have inspired so many people around the world for generations.”

ALG Brands CEO, Ashley Austin, added: “Sam Cooke invented soul; his unique blend of gospel and popular music created an entirely new genre, paving the way for countless artists after him.

“Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Activist. Entrepreneur. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on. This is an incredible man with a profound legacy, and it is an honour to be working with the estate to preserve and promote it.”

Cooke’s vocals took over the pop charts in the 1950s and 1960s with a slew of hits, including You Send Me, (What A) Wonderful World, and Twistin’ The Night Away.

In addition to being a celebrated entertainer, Cooke helped usher in the Civil Rights movement as he refused to perform for segregated audiences. His own personal experiences with racial discrimination even served as the foundation for one of his most recognisable songs and one that is universally regarded as the anthem for equality, A Change Is Gonna Come.