Minecraft partners with Lacoste for apparel collection

Mojang Studios has partnered with Lacoste to launch the Minecraft x Lacoste apparel collection, featuring activewear, accessories and footwear, just in time for spring/summer 2022.

Minecraft fans will love seeing how the iconic blocky style of Minecraft has been translated to the world of fashion with Lacoste – including some of their most iconic pieces like printed polos, monochrome sweatshirts and more. The collection even features an updated crocodile Lacoste logo reimagined in the style of Minecraft.

To celebrate the partnership, Minecraft has released the Croco Island DLC available for the community to download for free via the Minecraft Marketplace today. Inspired by the Minecraft x Lacoste apparel collection, adventurers of the Croco Island DLC can explore a Lacoste theme park on a lush tropical island with hidden secrets and fun minigames, like tennis, and check out 30 unique Lacoste-themed skins.

The Minecraft x Lacoste apparel collection is available from today on Lacoste.com and at select retailers worldwide.