VirtTrade’s F1 Trading Card Game races onto mobile

VirtTrade has joined Formula 1’s roster of digital initiatives to produce an F1 Trading Card Game for mobile.

The app comprises collectible images of drivers, tracks, teams and action from throughout the race calendar with specific updates from each and every race weekends.

VirtTrade has undergone a transition in the past twelve months from being a developer to an outright publisher. Its apps put collecting and trading at the heart of the user experience, allowing fans to engage both with the content and one another.

Social and community will also play a significant part in both the in-app user experience as well as how VirtTrade will publish in order to reach fans, advocates and influencers who enjoy the sport.

The F1 race calendar will be the focus of most activity and innovative “metagames” within the app will allow continued engagement in between races as well as during the off-season.

Ross Walker, Chief Commercial Officer VirtTrade said: “We are obviously thrilled to be working with F1 as a brand and as the custodians of the pinnacle of motorsport. We have long coveted F1 and the opportunity the brand presents for a digital collecting experience, and we look forward to helping Formula 1 enter a new space to engage fans and drive revenue streams.”

Adam Crothers, Head of Digital New Business at Formula 1, added: “VirtTrade offers F1 a new and alternative take on presenting our mix of content as well as a new entry point for fans. We think their unique take on collectibles gamification will be a hit with our current fanbase too and the product offers a game type environment that isn’t simply simulation based.”

The F1 Trading Card Game is available now on Apple’s App Store and will be released on the Google Play Store in July.

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