For the higher-end market, the firm has created a 24 carat gold coated Swarovski Smiley face case.

Uunique London to launch Smiley mobile accessories

SmileyWorld has teamed up with Uunique London, operated by Aegis Vision, to launch a range of fashion mobile device accessories.

The Uunique x SmileyWorld offers a series of flexible protective hard shells for smartphones including design specific for Apple iPhone and Samsung devices.

For the higher-end market, Uunique have created a hand-finished piece with genuine Swarovski elements, highlighted with a 24 carat gold coated Swarovski Smiley face.

Launch collection includes folio designs incorporating the Uunique patented rise slider selfie camera capture function.

The Uunique x SmileyWorld Selfie Stick is compiled in a kit with three smiley face emoticon stickers and a Bluetooth paired remote that comes in an assortment of national flags.

Prices for the collection will range from £19.99 to £500.00.

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