Tinderbox brings Tell Me Why video game soundtrack to vinyl in iam8bit deal

Xbox Game Studios Publishing has partnered with iam8bit and DONTNOD Entertainment to bring the soundtrack of the episodic narrative adventure gaming title, Tell Me Why, to vinyl.

In a deal brokered by the video game licensing specialist and digital media division of Beanstalk, Tinderbox, the new LP will feature 17 songs from the composer and musician Ryan Scott and the ethereal soundtrack to the popular adventure game.

‘The score is as complex as the game’s themes, with sparse passages building into complicated and soaring melodies,’ read a description of the soundtrack.

Packaged inside is a sleeve that faithfully recreates the in-game Book of Goblins. Fiber artist, Theo Randall, was inspired by the game’s handcrafted piece which is seen as an emotional touchstone throughout Tell Me Why. iam8bit used quilting, linotype stamping and applique techniques to create a physical piece that embodies the game’s unique attributes.

“The quilted theme is further underscored by embossing and debossing, which creates the illusion that the soundtrack album has been pulled from the game into this world. It’s a remarkable piece of tactile art that draws inspiration from not only the Book of Goblins but also Tell Me Why’s deeper themes,” said the firm.

Tell Me Why is an episodic narrative that tells the story of twins, Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who return to their childhood home in Alaska to investigate their mother’s death. Their telepathic bond sets them apart and serves to provide the player with insight into DONTNOD’s story about childhood, identity and redemption.

Following its release last year, the game has won several awards, including “Games for Impact” at The Game Awards and “Best Microsoft Xbox Game” at the Best of Gamescom Awards.

DONTNOD’s work in exploring trans identity in mainstream gaming earned Tell Me Why a GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Video Game.” Tell Me Why is currently free on Xbox and PC throughout the month of June.

As part of Pride Month, customers can choose to donate a dollar or round up their total at checkout to the nearest dollar in support of Trans Lifeline and The Trevor Project. iam8bit will match those donations. iam8bit is also proudly participating in ohhey.gay, an online initiative designed to support LGBTQ communities The Tell Me Why vinyl soundtrack is available for pre-order on iam8bit today.

The $39.99 album also includes a digital download of the soundtrack. Orders are expected to ship Q1 2022.