Anne Stokes partners with What’s Your Passion Jewelry for fantasy collection

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has partnered with the fantasy artist, Anne Stokes to create two new pieces designed to embody the unique and magical in the Celtic Dragon Necklace and Dragon Medal Necklace.

The collaboration marks the latest addition to What’s Your Passion Jewelry’s growing portfolio of licensed that includes partnerships with the likes of Marvel and Shield Hero.

The jewelry is hand crafted in the USA by a team of skilled artisans under the What’s Your Passion brand – a name that has been making fine jewelry for decades. Each item is shipped carefully in a collector’s box that can be used as a display. All items in the collection are .925 sterling silver.

“What’s Your Passion Jewelry make some really elegant jewelry in gold and silver. This delicate pendant is a really lovely rendition of my Celtic Dragon motif that features in many of my fantasy artworks. Silver has often been associated in folklore with protection from evil. For example, it’s only with a silver bullet that you can kill a werewolf,” said Stokes.

Anne Stokes posts weekly online video content exploring how the artist uses fantasy myths and legends in her artwork. The content has built up an audience of fans, while licensees benefit from having their products featured alongside the artworks.

The Anne Stokes Collection covers a broad range of Fantasy subjects including Unicorns, Enchanted Forests, Gothic themes and Dragons, from the famous artist Anne Stokes. Assets include main artworks, patterns, elements and logos and is updated regularly with new content.

A solid, long standing brand with over 70 licensees and worldwide merchandise sales in mainstream, independent and online retailers as well as a massive following of loyal fans.

The deal was brokered by Anne Stokes’ global licensing agency, Art Ask Agency.