Classic mystery game CLUE sneaks into Hidden Hotel: Miami Master

Leading free-to-play game publisher Tilting Point has joined forces with Hasbro and WhaleApp, a specialist in story-driven games, to bring some of the classic characters of the mystery board game CLUE to Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, during a special month-long event. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is one of the top mobile hidden objects games in the world and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Starting today and continuing until July 7, some of the most famous CLUE characters will be checking in to the world of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery. Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard will join characters in the many mini-events and mysterious detective stories, including mysteries with different endings depending on the player’s choices. Miss Peacock and Professor Plum will offer players daily tasks with very special rewards. Players will be able to test their skills of observation like a real detective while solving challenging puzzles, including a special CLUE event with 20 levels to investigate.

The classic mystery board game, CLUE (known as CLUEDO internationally), from Hasbro, has entertained generations of people for over 70 years with multiple adaptations across film, TV, books, escape rooms, musicals and more.

“CLUE is one of the most iconic games in the world and just what the players of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery are looking for,” says Samir Agili, CO-CEO and president of Tilting Point. “It’s fantastic that we could connect this great IP and game for a truly memorable month-long activation.”

In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, players are challenged to test their seek-and-find skills while uncovering secrets, solving puzzles and renovating a mysterious old hotel. The game unfolds like a classic detective story, with the player at the heart of every mystery, gameplay and storyline.

Players can use their detective skills with the characters from CLUE in Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery beginning today. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.