Startup CircuitMess launches STEM-based Batmobile in partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products

Croatian startup CircuitMess has announced a licensing deal with Warner Brothers and its Kickstarter campaign for the CircuitMess Batmobile, designed to teach children aged seven and up about engineering and autonomous driving.

“The CircuitMess Batmobile is a smart robot car that drives around autonomously using AI and machine learning,” says the startup’s CEO and founder Alber Gajšak. “We’ve created this gadget in cooperation with Warner Bros, and we’re the only country in the region that has landed a global contract for a product this complex.

“I see this as a first step towards turning CircuitMess into a Croatian LEGO for STEM toys and revolutionising STEM education. My goal is to create products that will show the average consumer that learning about electronics and coding doesn’t have to be boring or complicated.”

“CircuitMess is truly inspiring,” says Francois Simonetta, Vice President at Warner Bros Consumer Products EMEA Agents. “Turning toys into elaborate STEM kits that teach both electronics and coding is a great way to encourage kids to learn STEM by doing what is most natural to them: playing. We are excited that the CircuitMess Batmobile is their next and greatest STEM kit so far.”

CircuitMess has developed numerous educational products that encourage kids and adults to create rather than just consume. This includes MAKERbuino, a DIY game console,  MAKERphone, a DIY mobile phone, and STEM Box, a STEM projects subscription. The company has delivered more than 50.000 devices to customers all around the globe since its launch in 2017.

“We love the kits that we’ve been able to create for the crowdfunding community and want to continue to offer products to them first,” says Alber. “With three successful Kickstarters that have raised more than $850k in total, we have been able to get proven interest and traction for our special kits and deliver exciting projects to people all over the world.”

The Batmobile kit is designed for anyone 7 and older and comes with complete instructions. The tasks include: learning how autonomous vehicles work, how to code a microcomputer, how computers track objects, and developing your own computer vision algorithm.

The CircuitMess Batmobile Kickstarter is available for pre-order now and will have a starting price of US $99. For more details, visit the Kickstarter page or the CircuitMess website.