Walt Disney Studios to launch global immersive experiences with Secret Cinema

Walt Disney Studios has signed an exclusive agreement with the popular thematic experience, Secret Cinema, to bring to life some of the company’s most iconic films.

The immersive cinema specialists will work alongside Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB to create live shows across the globe. The partnership will kick off in the UK and US.

The first show will premiere in London this year. This will be followed by events in Los Angeles and New York.

Matt Duel, head of business partnerships at StudioLAB, said: “We are excited to bring his innovative and immersive new cinema-going format to the Walt Disney Studios family, and to be a part of introducing it to new audiences in the US.

“Working with Secret Cinema, we’re able to create a whole new way for fans to engage with some of our most loved films.”

It hasn’t yet been revealed what films from the Disney portfolio are to be adapted for the experience, however, past Secret Cinema experiences have included a 2015 production of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.


The deal was brokered by Secret Cinema’s chief executive Max Alexander and director of slate, Kate Davidson.