Playmobil teams with Volkswagen to launch Camper Bus and VW Beetle models

Playmobil has extended its partnership with VW to immortalise two of the car maker’s classic models in Playmobil rendering with the upcoming launch of the original Camper Bus ‘Bulli’ from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the popular VW Beetle.

The new range will look to celebrate the innovation, technology, and quality found in the 80 year history of the Volkswagen name, as it brings together two icons in German manufacturing. Playmobil has been a staple of the toy industry since its launch in 1974.

Together, the pair will launch realistic Playmobil models of the iconic vehicles later this month. The VW Camper Van – affectionately known as the “Bulli” – has been a reliable companion for the most diverse challenges in daily life for 70 years.

The cult vehicle carries a carefree “California feeling” that has, over the years, made it a loyal companion for adventures. The Playmobil-Volkswagen T1 Camper Van comes equipped with a seating area, travel kitchen, sleeping area and storage space.

Meanwhile, the second Volkswagen addition to the Playmobil fleet is a legend in its own right. The VW Beetle is a true classic and, with over 21 million units produced, was the world’s best-selling car for a long time before it was surpassed by the VW Golf.

The Playmobil miniature will arrive with a roof rack and plenty of accessories for the next family outing.

“Fans of both brands can look forward to two authentic models that will delight new and long-standing fans alike,” read a press release from Playmobil. “The two Volkswagen legends and PLAYMOBIL will also continue to write automotive history together in the future.”

The two new models will be available from January 15th this year.