Floral Street expands Van Gogh Museum partnership with home fragrance collections

In 2021, the collaboration between British “clean” fragrance brand Floral Street and the internationally renowned Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, introduced vibrant vegan fragrance Sunflower Pop to the world. Following its success, the partnership is extending, in summer 2022, into two ethical home fragrance collections.

Once again inspired by Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers (1889), and also by his Almond Blossom (1890), Floral Street and the Van Gogh Museum have endeavoured to capture the mood and emotion of these renowned masterworks through the sensory experience of home fragrance.

“So many loved our bright and happy Sunflower Pop fragrance, that they wanted their homes to smell like it too,” says Michelle Feeney, Floral Street’s founder. “But this time we have also been inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom, creating two different facets of his masterworks. Van Gogh brought the plants to life visually and we are bringing them to life in our clean fragrances.”

Bursting with optimism, the new Sunflower Pop home collection evokes the warmth of Provence, while the serene Sweet Almond Blossom range boasts a fresh aroma reminiscent of the first buds of spring, bringing a tranquil and mellow ambiance to the home.

Ian Wickham, director at Licensing Link Europe – which represents the Van Gogh Museum in the UK and Ireland – is excited to see the home fragrance collections’ impact at retail. “This extension to the Floral Street range has been as carefully planned, researched and considered as the launch of our Sunflower Pop fragrance, so we are all hugely excited to see the reaction when the range goes live,” he says. “The team have done an incredible job.”

The collections include vegan wax candles made from sustainably sourced rapeseed and coconut oil, with unbleached cotton wicks; naturally derived vegan oil diffusers; 100% plastic-free scented reeds and non-toxic, alcohol-free room fragrances, with products presented in exclusively designed FSC certified recyclable packaging.

Marijn Veraart, Licensing Manager at the Van Gogh Museum, says:  “We’re so proud of this range extension to the already incredibly successful Sunflower Pop parfum. Moving into home fragrances was the obvious next step and we are all hugely excited by these new developments. A huge thank you to an amazing team who have worked so hard to make this a reality.”




Casely launches limited-edition collection with Van Gogh Museum

Casely has launched a collaboration with the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum to present a limited-edition collection of tech accessories, in a deal brokered by IMG. The collaborative products will showcase prominent paintings from Vincent van Gogh.

“Our products are staples in everyday life and we’re thrilled to add beauty to the tech world with this collection,” says Casely CEO Mark Stallings. “We want this collaboration to be a celebration of such a wonderful artist, and a celebration that his legacy continues to live on today.”

Almond Blossom, Sunflowers, Landscape with Houses and Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette are featured in the collection, bringing Van Gogh’s timeless artwork to a modern canvas.
“A phone is nowadays probably the most gripped, held and used product during the day. Vincent’s art being represented on a phone cover is bound to inspire people to learn more about that particular work or about the painter,” says Van Gogh Museum Business to Business Manager Laurine van Rooijen. “Through our wonderful partnership with Casely, we hope to inspire people in their everyday life with Vincent’s art and his view on the world.”

The collaboration marks the first time officially licensed Van Gogh Museum phone cases will be sold in the United States. The products are available now at getcasely.com/collections/van-gogh, with sizes ranging from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Tech-accessory retailer Casely, founded in 2017 by sister and brother Emily and Mark Stallings, supports charitable organisations with a portion of profits from each sale.


Van Gogh Museum secured fragrance partner in Floral Street through Licensing Link Europe deal

Licensing Link Europe has secured a new partnership between the independent, clean and sustainable fragrance brand, Floral Street, and the internationally revered Van Gogh Museum. The four year deal will see a line of fragrances and scented home products celebrate the works of Vincent Van Gogh.

A first of its kind collaboration, the partnership will explore how the artist’s passion for the natural world has inspired sustainable scent creations.

“I’m honoured that Floral Street has been chosen as the first fragrance brand to partner with the Van Gogh Museum. Drawing inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s timeless masterpieces, we discovered a shared love of nature and finding beauty in the everyday. Through this collaboration, we are able to tell our story in a new way, in which the beauty of art and fragrance meet,”  said Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street

The partnership will see the first global launch in August 2021, and it will bring to life the beauty and optimism of one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous masterworks. 

Floral Street and the Van Gogh Museum share a mission to inspire a diverse audience for future generations. Our collaboration offers a fresh and different way to experience the art of Van Gogh,”  said Emilie Gordenker, General Director, Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh Museum partners with Australia’s Anthea Crawford to launch 19-piece collection

The Australian womenswear designer, Anthea Crawford, has partnered with the Van Gogh Museum to launch a limited edition autumn/winter 2021 collection to international retail, thanks to a deal brokered by IMG.

Launched on May 14th, the new line features Vincent van Gogh’s iconic artwork, bold colours, and signature styles in a 19-piece collection of dressed, blouses, t-shirts, trousers, coats, and jackets. The range has been developed in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Anthea Crawford brand.

The range will be available worldwide from www.antheacrawford.com.au, as well as David Jones and Myer department stores across Australia, with prices ranging from AUD $149 to $699. The first 500 customers to purchase through the Anthea Crawford website will also receive a complimentary ‘Sunflowers’ sketch tote bag.

“It’s our 45th year of Australian style and to celebrate we have collaborated with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam,” said an Anthea Crawford spokesperson. “Timeless beauty, expressive colour and irresistible texture plays have always been central to Anthea’s vision. It’s been a great honour to work so intimately with the priceless masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh, which have inspired us for so many years.”

Mark Minkman, managing director (a.i.), Van Gogh Museum, commented: “We are very proud to collaborate with Anthea Crawford and develop these sophisticated garments together, especially in these challenging times. This partnership enables us to inspire people with the art and heritage of Vincent van Gogh combined with the quality and characteristic prints of Anthea Crawford. Every purchase of this Anthea Crawford x Van Gogh Museum collection supports the work of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.”

Diana De Jesus, licensing manager, IMG, added: “Vincent van Gogh’s work has become a mainstay of culture and the Van Gogh Museum’s mission is to inspire present and future generations by making it more accessible. We are really excited to see the launch of this collaboration with Anthea Crawford, which perfectly captures the iconic beauty and legacy of Van Gogh’s exceptional prints.”

A portion of proceeds from each purchase will support the work of the Van Gogh Museum which houses more than 200 Vincent van Gogh paintings, 500 drawings, and 700 written documents.

Van Gogh Museum paints new partnership with US fashion house Robert Graham

America’s eclectic fashion house, Robert Graham, has teams with the Van Gogh Museum to interpret the work of the iconic post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh in its Fall20 / Winter 21 collection. The range will be anchored around the brand’s Wearable Art pillar.

The deal has been managed by IMG, who has been working extensively with Robert Graham on the development and launch of the collection.

Dubbed as a “Brush with Greatness” and also featuring collaborations with Leroy Neiman and Ryan McGinness, the collection offers fans collectible artistry with a signature Robert Graham hand.

Andrew Berg, president of Robert Graham, commented: “The brand’s 20-year legacy, centered around fashion that is meant to be discussed, admired and collected, deeply ties us back to the world of art. That is who we are as a brand. The ability to feature iconic artists such as Vincent van Gogh through these collaborations allows us to officially marry art and fashion and make it our own.”

Sean Chadwick, VP of design at Robert Graham, added: “This anniversary collection intertwines masterpieces in the art world while celebrating signature Robert Graham design expertise: vivid #WearableArt prints, tracer embroidery, contrast motifs under the cuff and yarn-dyed details. The art of the detail in the details, is always the unexpected with our designs.”

Starting this November, the collection pieces will be available at select Robert Graham Stores across the US, and online via www.robertgraham.us and other high-end specialty boutiques.

IMG is the exclusive licensing representative for the Van Gogh Museum across various countries, including the US and countries in Asia, while its successful European programme is handled by Licensing Link. Van Gogh Museum houses the world’s largest collection of works by the artist and serves as the official curator of the Van Gogh legacy.

Poetic Brands to make an impression with Van Gogh Museum apparel and travel collection

The popular apparel licensee, Poetic Brands is looking to make an impression next year when its new partnership with the Van Gogh Museum will witness the launch of a comprehensive range of men and women’s apparel, along with a collection of travel accessories.

The deal – brokered by Licensing Link Europe, who managed the rights for the Van Gogh Museum – taps into the current consumer demand for iconic and well-known pieces to be incorporated into their daily lives. The new range is due to launch in the UK next year and has already garnered strong interest from retail.

Following the death of the renowned artist, Van Gogh’s brother Theo and his wife managed the works, before their son, Vincent Willem, founded the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation in the ’60s. He went on to build the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to preserve the family’s collection for future generations, which now houses the world’s largest compilation of works by the artist, with over 200 paintings,500 drawings and more than 700 letters.

“Van Gogh is universally recognised and we are excited to create a brand new range for the property, bringing it further into the lifestyle of the modern consumer,” said Elliott Matthews, executive director of Poetic Brands. “It is unique in our portfolio, and we have already been overwhelmed by the reaction of retailers to the proposed lines.”

Chris Taday, director of Licensing Link, who brokered the deal, added: “We’re thrilled to have Poetic Brands on board for this prestigious property. The team work tirelessly to create on-brand and on-trend designs which appeal to both retail and consumers alike. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the final pieces.”

Opinion: How I met Vincent Van Gogh and its future for licensing

It was at the opening of the Van Gogh Museum’s newest UK venture, the Meet Vincent van Gogh experience along London’s South Bank last night, that a glimpse into the high-spec future of immersive licensing was offered.

A collaboration of efforts between Holland’s Van Gogh Museum and the UK’s own Golden Tours, the three month exhibition comes with a big promise; to give art lovers and families an all immersive insight into the life – and mind – of one of history’s most celebrated artists.

And it’s a promise on which the Van Gogh Museum – first established in 1973 and now watched over by the Van Gogh family, relations of the Dutch artist himself – truly delivers; bringing visitors as close to the talent and his family – short of meeting the man himself – as is possible.

In a statement to opening night visitors, Mikesh Palan, the managing director of Golden Tours, with whom The Van Gogh Museum has partnered to bring the UK leg of the experience’s global tour to life, riffed off the company’s own mission statement, that tourism is the only business that brings cultures together.

I believe now that a caveat can be respectfully added to the sentiment, and that is that licensing, tastefully done with as much care, attention, and scrutiny as carried by those presiding over the Van Gogh estate, can do it just as well.

Today, more so than ever, the most successful licenses know that key to it all is a brand’s ability to tell a story. There’s certainly no lack of storytelling when families put on their headsets and step straight into a story of love, vision, and a relationship between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo, all while walking through, engaging with and becoming part of the art work that has made Van Gogh (although visitors learn he’d rather be known as Vincent) the revered artists, and by extension, the brand, he is.

Families and art fans are invited, if not actively encouraged, to engage with the installations around them – whether that is touching the walls, the table and chairs of a Parisian café setting, the hay bales of the Wheat Field, become the Potato Eaters by getting their hands quite literally on the focal point of the famous painting, or scale the walls of the Yellow House with their eyes as they peer into – and out of – some of the most significant windows of Vincent’s life.

A chilling walk through the passages of the asylum the artist spent a year of his life within takes visitors on a deeper journey of Van Gogh’s mind as it battles those famed psychotic episodes that encompassed the ‘Yellow Years’, and draws empathy from an audience that, in Meet Vincent Van Gogh, finds a new way to engage with art and artistry.

All of this, of course, positions Meet Vincent Van Gogh as the perfect platform from which audiences can continue their love affair with the work of the artist in a gift shop that could just as easily be a part of the exhibition itself, so seamlessly does it transition from 1890 and the death of Van Gogh, and the legacy that his art left behind him.

Were I an art critic, I’d be singing my excitement for the future of art exhibition from the roof of the National Theatre that this experience sits tucked behind. For the licensing community however, this is a prime example of immersive entertainment done the right way. Now, time to go and get my hands on all that merchandise.