The Last Kingdom fans can now own a replica of Uhtred Ragnarsson’s iconic sword thanks to Jalic Blades

Spotlight Licensing is calling its The Last Kingdom kinsmen to arms with the news that fans will now be able to wield an exacting replica of the sword of Uhtred Ragnarsson himself, thanks to a new partnership with Jalic Blades.

The officially licensed display replica comes with the sword’s fullered blade and distinctive amber pommel, marking itself as the trusted weapon carried by Uhtred, the hero of The Last Kingdom series on Netflix, and focus of pop culture iconography in recent months.

It’s now thanks to a collaboration brokered by Spotlight Licensing on behalf of Carnival Films with Jalic Blades that fans will be able to re-live the adventures of the hero from the comfort of their armchairs.

“During filming of The Last Kingdom’s most recent season, Jalic was able to pull dimensions from the actual screen used prop and get detailed, high-resolution photos to be used for reference,” said Spotlight Licensing president, Carole Postal. “The result – drawing upon Jalic’s years of expertise and experience in creating movie and television replica weapons – is a truly beautiful and amazing replica.”

“Knowing how important this unique sword is to Uhtred as a character and to the overall story, we wanted to make sure we got the look and feel of this replica right for our fellow fans,” said Jalic Blades owner Chris Beasley.

Jalic’s 1:1 scale replica of Uhtred’s Sword is over three feet long with a stainless steel blade, antiqued nickel-plated cast handle, faux leather wrap and a custom molded acrylic pommel gem with faux inclusions. Uhtred’s sword will be available online and through specialty retailers.

Each sword will be serial numbered and come with a special display plaque featuring a silkscreened design based on Uhtred’s armor.