bRAND-WARD teams with Sonic Vault to offer content producers access to premium music and audio assets

Trudi Hayward and Jean-Philippe Randisi’s bRAND-WARD has been tapped by the music production unit Sonic Vault in a move to offer music, special effects and voice-over services to the international content producers.

Under the partnership, the Sonic Vault platform will enable kids’ animation and live action producers to commission premium quality music and administer and monetise these audio assets. The venture will also propose fully integrated English voice over production services.

Sonic Vault has been founded by Deddy Tzur and Gigi Meroni. Tzur has been credited for the music of The Golden Compass, Transformers, The Avengers, Digimon, and Priates of the Caribbean. His business partner Meroni is an Emmy award-winning composer whose music credits include What’s New Scooby Doo, Lala Loopsies, Norm of the North, and Yoohoo and Friends.

Meroni said: “We always try to raise the bar when working on kids movies and series as it is so gratifying to create emotions that will stay with our audience for their whole life.”

Jean-Philippe Randisi, added: “Music, voices and sounds are critical to the success of a series, and we felt that they are often treated as a necessary evil rather than a brand signature and asset, mostly because some producers struggle with costs and complex processes. This is why we feel that it is important to give the industry an opportunity to compete with major studios on leveled playing field thanks to top talents, honest pricing, and professionally managed rights administration.”