Warner Bros partners with Imagine Exhibitions for new touring Harry Potter: The Exhibition

A new Wizarding World exhibition is now under development and is scheduled to make its worldwide debut in 2022.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has lined up a partnership with Imagine Exhibitions to a create an innovative new Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts exhibition, slated to begin touring across multiple regions, including in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific Region, and Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa from next year.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be a scalable experience for fans, covering between 10,000 and 20,000 square feet. It will celebrate the most iconic moments from the films and stories through an immersive, behind the scenes exhibition experience, while presenting crafted environments that honour the characters, settings, and beasts seen in the films.

“We are honored to be entrusted with the iconic Harry Potter brand and excited to develop and share an exhibition experience that celebrates the magic of the Wizarding World,” said Tom Zaller, CEO of Imagine Exhibitions. “We look forward to working with world-class partners, promoters, and sponsors to bring an all-new Harry Potter: The Exhibition to fans around the globe.”

The initial venue for the new Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be announced in the coming months.

Visitors will get an up-close look at authentic props and original costumes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films as they engage with innovative, inspiring, and magical environments and installations.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the experts at Imagine Exhibitions, on this all-new Harry Potter exhibition,” said Peter van Roden, senior vice president of global themed entertainment at Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Everyone involved with this project is committed to bringing a masterfully crafted newly innovative Wizarding World experience to fans around the world.”

Freeman Jewellery releases handcrafted Harry Potter jewellery line

Freeman Jewellery has released a line of handcrafted jewellery inspired by the characters and moment from the globally popular Harry Potter films. The range follows on from the success of Freeman Jewellery’s Golden Snitch Ring Box.

Highlight pieces include the Pearl Snitch Earrings, where Freshwater Pearls have been carefully selected, a process which is so particular that only eight per cent of pearls are chosen. The earrings come with petite golden wings.

Meanwhile, the magical Mirror of Erised Necklace features the Sky-Blue Topaz. For this piece, innovative gem-cutter, Anna Gilbert, was commissioned to produce an exclusive cut to reflect the unique shape and look of the mirror’s glass.

The Golden Snitch Ring Box, which is handcrafted from over 40 silver and gold parts and adorned with intricate hand-engraving, takes a Master Jeweller two weeks to make a single box.

The collection also features a Harry Potter Glasses Necklace, made from custom Goshenite gems, a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Necklace with a rose gold Hogwarts seal, a Time Turner Necklace featuring hand-carved Moonstones and antique Diamonds for a charming old-world aesthetic, and Hogwarts and Patronus Signet Rings available in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold or Platinum.

Known for trademark rare gems, the jeweller has created both ready to wear and made to order custom pieces for Wizarding World fans to treasure.

Asher Freeman said: “The pieces have been designed to draw you into a magical world and, like so many others across the globe, the Harry Potter stories and films holds a special place in my imagination. As a fan and designer, I’m proud to have crafted these heirloom pieces which fans can cherish for a lifetime.

“We’re widely known for the quality of our gems, hidden elements and attention to detail, and this collection is no different. From the Sword of Gryffindor Necklace studded with fine Rubies, to the solid-gold Golden Snitch that opens to display a secret gem.

“The wizarding world holds an abundance of beauty and intrigue, from the characters, architecture and trinkets, so there was no shortage of inspiration for us. We have truly loved bringing these unique pieces to life.”