Art Ask Agency celebrates Frida Kahlo’s 83rd birthday with UK licensee product launch

The Barcelona-based licensing firm, Art Ask Agency is preparing to celebrate the 83rd birthday of the iconic artist Frida Kahlo this July 6th with two worldwide product launches from its UK licensees, Spectrum Collections and The Vampire’s Wife.

Under the new deal, and in time for the big day, Spectrum Collections is launching a new range of make-up brushes and accessories which give Frida fans the opportunity to make themselves up surrounded by Frida Kahlo products.

The range includes make-up bags, a collection of brushes and a special Frida Kahlo head brush, characterizing Frida Kahlo with flowers in her hair as the bristles.

In parallel, The Vampire’s Wife has launched a special edition Frida Kahlo T-shirt with a creative graphic designed by Eri Wakiyama. The Vampire’s Wife is also known for the Villanelle Dress, worn by style icon Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in the third series of the successful Killing Eve. The Frida Kahlo T-shirt sold out within one hour of launching.

“When you wear a Vampire’s Wife item, you are not just putting on clothes, but rather a composite of all the things we find beautiful in the world. It is an act of loving memory and deep gratitude for all the wonder in the world,” read a statement from The Vampire’s Wife team.

“Launching with a partner like Spectrum Collections really helps solidify the Frida Kahlo licensing program in the UK & Europe and The Vampire’s Wife collaboration is delightful. We are mega fans of Villanelle and are sure Frida would be too,” said Maria Strid, owner of Art Ask Agency.