Falcon’s Beyond to showcase revolutionary LBE technologies at 2022 Licensing Expo

Entertainment company Falcon’s Beyond Global, LLC will showcase multiple proprietary technologies at the 2022 Licensing Expo, which takes place May 24–26, 2022 in Las Vegas.

Three Falcon’s Licensing products, developed inside Falcon’s X-Lab at its Orlando headquarters, will be exhibited:

  • SpectraVerse™ attraction systems harness breakthrough projection, optics, and positional tracking custom engineered to display multiple unique real-time interactive experiences on the same screen, at the same time. In a mixed-reality environment, participants are individually tracked and perspective-matched with their own stereoscopic content, all while still being able to see and interact with each other in the real world. Physical objects allow participants to seamlessly interact in 3D space with the immersive content on screen.  As an attraction system, SpectraVerse technology provides innovative interactive walkthrough adventures that can either be configured in multiple rooms for a linear scene-by-scene narrative (SpectraVerse Odyssey™) or as a single free-roaming arena (SpectraVerse Quest™).
  • Falcon’s Vision® augmented reality headsets bring immersive interactive experiences into physical spaces with incredible capability. The headsets have been custom designed and fabricated to be an intuitive, functional, durable, and hygienic solution with minimal operational friction for high-throughput location-based entertainment venues. Each headset displays real-time interactive content across the entire field-of-view in a stereoscopic format running at 120 frames per second, per eye. The headsets are also equipped with stereo-channel localised audio and haptic feedback.
  • ON!X™ interactive theatres integrate real-time content, feedback and responsiveness all within a 5D theatre format, producing immersive and dynamic multiplayer video game experiences. Participants are equipped with haptic-enabled physical objects that are 3D tracked to dimensionally interact with the content in real time. Directly harmonising with the real-time interactive experience and performance of the participants, premium SFX motion seats provide smooth yet accurate movement in multiple degrees-of-freedom, and feature visceral wind, light, olfactory, discrete audio, and mechanical special effects to engage all the senses.

“We have already helped many of the world’s most iconic brands expand into new forms of entertainment that deepen connections with existing fans and attract new audiences,” says Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond. “We are proud and excited to showcase some of the most innovative, sophisticated technologies in the themed attractions industry that have the power to not only elevate experiential design and immersive storytelling, but also transform location-based entertainment as we know it.”