WildBrain CPLG scores freestyle footballer Touzani representation

WildBrain CPLG is to represent the sports, fashion, and lifestyle brand Touzani in the Benelux region, targeting toys and games, stationery and back to school, homewares, accessories, publishing, and promotions.

The Touzani brand is inspired by Soufiane Touzani, the successful street footballer and media personality across the region.

Soufiane Touzani is hailed as the pioneer of modern freestyle football and has played with some of the world’s most celebrated players. He has an impressive online presence for his football focused content with over 837k YouTube subscribers, 1.2m followers on Instagram and 400k Facebook fans, in addition to a television show which aired in the Netherlands during 2018 titled Tiki Taka Touzani

In 2018, Touzani also launched a successful apparel collection for adults and kids featuring innovative patterns, branding and materials.

Brenda Draaisma, general manager at WildBrain CPLG Benelux, said: “Soufiane Touzani is the pioneer of freestyle football and one the sport’s most successful players, as well a hugely popular influencer and inspiration to the next generation.

“With the licensing programme for Touzani in its early stages, our expertise will enable us build upon the brand’s success so far and assemble a robust merchandise and retail programme for Touzani’s impressive fan base in the Benelux market.”

Touzani added: “Our brand is about inspiring individuals, creating role models and celebrating equality around the world with intent, gratitude and purpose. Together with WildBrain CPLG, I’m confident we can create synergy and harness these values to build a line of creative and fresh products for fans across Benelux.”