Skinnydip London partners Bulldog Licensing to launch Care Bears apparel and accessories

Skinnydip London has partnered with Bulldog Licensing to introduce a large new collection of apparel and accessories based on the much-loved character IP, Care Bears.

The range will feature accessories such as hats, bags, phone cases, make-up bags, and more, as well as apparel lines such as cardigans, cropped vests, t-shirts, hoodies, and nightwear. The 31 piece collection offers something to appeal to fans of Care Bears and the Care-A-Lot lore.

The designs include fun slogans, super soft faux fur materials, and dreamy pastel prints as the perfect tribute to the evergreen Care Bears brand.

Launched nearly 40 years ago, the Care Bears can currently be found airing in the UK on Tiny Pop in the latest series, Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.

Meanwhile, the brand is now present at retail across categories including apparel, publishing, partyware, and accessories. Bulldog Licensing plans to build on the existing licensing programme and further the reach that the Care Bears currently have in the UK for babies, young children, and adults.

“We’re thrilled to have Skinnydip London on board and it’s sure to be a big hit with the property’s adult fans,” said Sole Puerto, senior creative manager at Bulldog Licensing. “We’re looking forward to continuing to grow the consumers products programme at a time when heritage brands are particularly strong for consumers.”

Roubina Tchoboian, VP of international licensing, Cloudco Entertainment, added: “We love the way that Skinnydip London incorporated the playful, whimsical nature of the Care Bears into their pieces and are eager to see how our fans react to this fun and colourful collection.”