Mattel teams with Scopely to launch Scrabble Go mobile game

Mattel has teamed with the mobile games company Scopely to launch the new mobile word game, Scrabble Go to the global stage, allowing players from across the world to engage in the classic Scrabble experience.

Billed as a highly social game, Scrabble Go allows players to invite and connect with friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp, and contacts, as well as play with others around the world in a series of tournament-style matches.

The mobile game aims to bring the authentic Scrabble experience in line with new digital modes and features that include Classic, Modern, Arena, and Duels gameplay.

Classic is a head to head game that uses the official game board rules, and dictionaries, while Modern offers a fresh take on the classic experience with boosts and helpful tools to learn and improve while playing. The Arena mode is a collection of daily and weekly tournaments that include Word Drop – an anagram style game, Tumbler, and Rush. Finally, Duels is a mode in which players face-off on a smaller board, completing a real-time match in under five minutes.

“Scrabble fans around the world feel a deep connection to the brand for its long-standing tradition of competition,” said Victor Díaz-Roig, general manager and vice president, product at Scopely. “We’re so proud to introduce a reimagined take on the Scrabble experience with Scrabble Go.

“Our team has created an extremely vibrant, social, personalised, competitive, triple-A experience for a brand that transcends generations. We also worked with super fans and professional players to make this the most dynamic game experience possible. We are thrilled to share the all-new Scrabble Go with the world.”

Scrabble Go is published by Scopely and co-developed in partnership with PierPlay game studio. The game is the latest in Scopely’s diverse slate of mobile games, including Marvel Strike Force, Star Trek Fleet Command and YAHTZEE With Buddies, among others.