Scotland’s Prickly Thistle celebrates 70th anniversary of Beano’s Dennis with official tartan design

Beano Studios has unveiled a special partnership with the traditional Scottish company, Prickly Thistle to create a birthday tartan in celebration of the fan-favourite rebel, Dennis, in the colours of his iconic black and red jumper.

The Highland born and based company has brought the design to life with intricacy, saluting the character’s 70th birthday within the thread count of the design, with its block pattern of 70 threads. To make it even more official, the design has also been accepted and recorded into The Scottish Register of Tartans, which form part of Scotland’s national archives.

More than this, not only does the tartan celebrate 70 years of the Scottish born character himself, it also puts a message of sustainability at the heart of the product, through the use of its own green energy supplied by the company’s mill, and the use of local labour and supply chain.

In fact, Prickly Thistle prides itself on its transparency in the production process which it believes gives it output the authenticity of a product of Scotland. The products themselves use natural fibres, while the packaging is recyclable.

Dennis’s Birthday Tartan will launch on March 17th this year. 

Clare Campbell, founder and director of Prickly Thistle, said: “We have always prided ourselves with a mission statement we formed a few years ago, changing the future, by disrupting the past. This became so important to us to challenge the long associated negative and or limiting stereotypes attached to what is Scotland’s national fabric, tartan. 

“Now, to have our very first tartan project that can be directly shared with children really is a massively proud moment for us.  Children can see it for what it is, a symbolic colourful fabric that championed and can champion again sustainable living. 

“We have been so lucky to work with many people over our early years, but there is something special about this one. I am sure you can sense the rebel in us now to challenge for what we care about, so to partner with a character like Dennis and a brand liked Beano on this message is nothing short of perfect.”

Rob Wijeratna, joint managing director, Rocket Licensing, the UK licensing agency for Beano Studios and brokers of the deal, added: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Prickly Thistle and Beano Studios on these wonderful tartan designs for Dennis’ birthday and to support the mission of authentic and locally produced product.

“The very special Beano tartan is being used for jumpers, scarves and braces which we know Beano fans will love.”

Vanessa Andreis, franchise planning and partnerships director, Beano Studios, said: “As the tartan rebels we couldn’t imagine a better partner than Prickly Thistle to create a birthday tartan for Dennis. For 70 years kids have read and laughed along with Dennis and now fans big and small can celebrate their inner rebel for the next 70 years in style.”

A small artisan collection of products in Dennis’s Birthday tartan will be available on the 17th March via Prickly Thistle’s online shop. The tartan will be woven by them, in the only mill based in the mainland Highland region of Scotland and all products will be made in-house, living up to a truly made in Scotland (by rebels) label. 

The collection will comprise of three sustainable staple products for everyday living and all the family.