Novel Entertainment launches month-long Story a Day initiative for Horrid Henry fans

Novel Entertainment is launching a month-long Story a Day initiative as part of its Hibernating with Henry campaign, one which will see a free audio story posted each day to Horrid Henry’s new website.

Starting Monday, February 1st, the first title available will be Horrid Henry and the Antiques Rogue Show, with additional stories including Horrid Henry Computer Whizz and Horrid Henry’s Favourite Day to follow.

The stories will go live at 4pm each day.

Story a Day is part of Novel Entertainment’s current Hibernating with Henry campaign, which is offering online resources and activities to keep children and families entertained and active during the current pandemic. Further activities will be announced in the coming weeks.

Lucinda Whiteley, creative director and co-founder of Novel Entertainment, said: “Henry’s been hard at work, thinking up ways to share his top hibernation tips. Of course, being Henry, he’s full of ideas, but first up we’re excited for Henry fans to be able to settle down after finishing their school day, with or without their grown-up, and listen to a different story every day throughout February.”

Novel Entertainment first launched Horrid Henry audio content in Spring 2020 and continues to expand the offering for fans. Most recently, Novel Entertainment launched a Horrid Henry’s Winter Wonderland audiobook compilation featuring Horrid Henry’s Christmas, Early Christmas Present and Winter Wish titles, and the ‘Super Scary One’, which includes Horrid Halloween, Horrid Henry and the Weird Werewolf and Horrid Henry’s Haunted House

These latest offerings are available on major platforms including Audible, Amazon and Spotify and join the initial six Totally Horrid Collections which debuted last year.

Novel Entertainment’s Horrid Henry audio content takes the form of dramatisations from its hit Horrid Henry TV series, featuring the show’s voice talent with additional narrative from Henry (voiced by Elizabeth Waterworth-Santo) and songs.

A Horrid Henry podcast also launched in 2020 which is titled Horrid Henry Unlocked and presented by radio host Sean Thorne, voice actor Lizzie Waterworth, and Henry himself. It offers fans insights into the inner workings of the world of Horrid Henry.

Since the start of the pandemic, Novel Entertainment has created over 100 pieces of fresh content for Horrid Henry, produced under the banner of Horrid Henry Unlocked which is designed to offer a familiar environment for fans to discover how the Horrid Henry family is responding to the current crisis.

As well as the Horrid Henry podcast and audio stories, material includes Horrid Homework in the form of activities, projects, challenges, puzzles, and bespoke videos including newly created songs, short videos and behind the scenes content and interviews.

Novel Entertainment also recently brought fans new long-form animated content including Horrid Henry’s Gross Day Out, a new 65’ action-adventure film which launched globally on Netflix in September 2020, alongside Horrid Henry’s Wild Weekend which debuted on Netflix in the UK last June and Nickelodeon UK in December 2020, and for Sub-Saharan Africa, Viacom/Nickelodeon has acquired the rights to Seasons one to four of Horrid Henry.

Season Five of Horrid Henry is currently airing on Netflix in the UK, and also on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons UK and Ireland.

Asgard Media’s Kelvyn Gardner launches Living with Licensing podcast

Licensing industry stalwart and director of Asgard Media, Kelvyn Gardner, has today launched a new licensing industry podcast with the aim of informing and entertaining the industry and the people within in it in equal measure.

Called Living with Licensing, the new podcast series kicks off today and sees Gardner, a man known over the course of his career for his work as the former UK MD of the licensing industry body, Licensing International and for his work with Panini earlier in his career, joined by the celebrated IP creator, Keith Chapman.

“I listen to many Podcasts, and while I expect to be informed, I also want to be entertained,” said Gardner. “So, the style of Living with Licensing will be to interview prominent figures from the business about their lives and careers, and how each has affected the other.

“This editorial angle produces content that includes anecdotes and case histories from the contributors which will enhance listeners’ licensing knowledge but also put a smile on their faces.”

Episode one goes live today (September 16th) and features well-known IP creator Keith Chapman, the man behind Bob the Builder, PAW Patrol, and many others. Soon to follow  will be episodes featuring Trudi Heyward of Brand-Ward and David Scott, treasurer of The Light Fund and recently retired as MD of Rainbow Productions.

Thereafter the Podcast is planned to release new episodes twice each month. The Living with Licensing podcast can be downloaded from Podcast host, Podbean, and from the Asgard Media Website

Over the next few days all the usual Podcast platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, Deezer and Stitcher will be added.
For further information please contact Kelvyn Gardner