Pets Rock and Mr Time launch new smartwatch faces for Samsung in Korean market move

The British pop art brand, Pets Rock has partnered with the global smartwatch app company, Mr Time to launch a series of licensed watch faces for Samsung watches. The deal extends the British brand’s presence in Korea where it is represented by BrandKind Workshop.

The deal sees Mr Time launch watch faces with two characters from Pets Rock through the Mr Time app on both iOS and Android for the global market, while at the same time release a case designed for Samsung Galaxy S21, Buds, and Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch straps to the online and brick and mortar stores in Korea.

As part of its first marketing activity, the Pets Rock digital accessories are spreading quickly in the crowdfunding platform Wadiz, and three more of Pets Rock watch faces will be additionally released through the Mr.Time app in July.

The deal has been managed by Brandkind Workshop, a brand management house based in Korea, a licensing representative for global brands including CoComelon, Pilot Instruments Collection, and Alchemy England with the remit of introducing them to the Korean and other Asian markets.

Pets Rock MD, Kate Polyblank, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Mr Time to bring animated Pets Rock characters to Samsung watches. It’s a fabulous showcase for the characters. This deal extends our presence in Korea where we have lots of exciting collaborations launching soon. Watch this space.”

Art Ask Agency reports ‘excellent worldwide sales’ of Kare Design’s Pets Rock wall art collection

The Barcelona based Art Ask Agency is reporting ‘excellent sales results worldwide’ for the initial launch of a collection of Pets Rock wall art launched earlier this year by the home decor licensing partner, Kare Design.

Pets Rock is a brand centered on a cast of quirky artistic characters from the worlds of music, film, history, and fashion that have lent themselves to the home decor market across a wide age group and range of territories.

The Kare collection includes glass framed wall art, acrylic wall art and canvas prints. Since its launch, Art Ask Agency has cited ‘excellent sales results worldwide.’ Kare Design GmbH is a recognised name in the home decor market with more than 200 shops in 50 countries.

‘The Kare brand symbolises furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Since 1981, the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design,’ read a statement from the firm.

“Having Kare Design GmbH for a partner for Pets Rock is a great combination. Both stand out from the crowd and are very authentic,” said Maria Strid, owner of Art Ask Agency.

In addition, Pets Rock has recently launched a new style guide, The Love Book, with themes of positivity, love, hope and happiness because “life is better together”.

The new guide features rainbow-coloured assets and is available to licensees in addition to The London Book style guide. Both style guides compliment the quirky Pets Rock characters from the worlds of film, fashion and music.

The first licensee to launch the new style is Teneues Books with their second Pets Rock book launch planned for September 2021 in all distribution channels.