Hasbro partners with PATH to launch Monopoly themed refillable water bottles

Hasbro is marking the 85th anniversary of the Monopoly brand with a special partnership with PATH to launch a series of limited edition refillable bottles featuring Rich Uncle Pennybags and other nostalgic Monopoly icons.

“It’s an honor to partner with Hasbro and bring Monopoly fans a commemorative refillable PATH collector’s bottle,2 said Shadi Bakour, CEO and co-founder of PATH. “Generationally, both Monopoly and sustainability has been a big part of my family, and I’m excited to give Water Works a new meaning with this partnership.”

Face to face gaming has been at the centre of a resurgence since the late 2000s, while the inter-generational

Since the late 2000s, there has been a drastic rise in face to face gaming, while inter-generational game Monopoly continues to gain popularity across the age groups. Likewise, environmental stewardship is on the rise, and youth are becoming more involved in taking sustainable actions.

“I love that we are merging sustainability and fun to create a deeper connection and engage with so many people of all ages through this partnership,” said Ali Orabi, chief marketing officer and co-founder at PATH. “It helps seal the deal for making a commitment to stewardship for this new generation and for generations to come.”

The bottles will be available online at drinkpath.com/themoneybottle and via select retail channels. Adhering to a playful vibe and sustainable choices, the bottles will inspire fun and “Free Parking” for your favorite water.