Warner Music Group signs deal with Lickd to give online content creators access to millions of pop tracks

The global service that provides video creators with access to chart music, Lickd, has detailed its new partnership with Warner Music Group that will witness the roll out of commercial tracks to online content creators, removing the risk of copyright infringement.

Warner Music’s deal with Lickd now enables millions of popular tracks to be legally made available to the 50 million YouTubers who upload videos to the platform.

With five billion videos watched every day, it is hoped that having pre-cleared music from some of the biggest artists on the planet and some the most exciting developing acts, will drive greater fan engagement and commercial value for both content creators and musicians.

Paul Sampson, CEO of Lickd, said: “We are thrilled that Warner Music has come on board with Lickd at a time when people are consuming more content than ever, when the music industry is actively looking for new income streams and when creators are more active than ever before.

“Over the last 12 months we have seen more and more creators flock to the Lickd platform which underscores just how important using licenced popular music is in video. We are very much looking forward to continuing to provide value by working hand in hand with both the majors and with our creators as we continue to grow.”

Charlie White, director of business development at Warner Music, added: “We’re delighted to partner with Lickd and offer fans the chance to creatively use our artists’ music in a licensed environment. We’re keen to embrace models where fans can become content creators too, but rights holders can be paid fairly for the use of their music. Deals such as this are expanding the horizons of the digital music market.”