Mondo TV Group announces three major licences for Gorjuss in Italy

Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, and a licensing agent for many major international brands, has announced that it has secured three major licences for the character brand and international phenomenon Gorjuss on behalf of brand owner Santoro Licensing. The categories are Epiphany confectionery and gifting, greeting cards and children’s rainwear and footwear.

Coriex, a leading company in the production and distribution of licensed products for children, teenagers and young people, is planning a number of capsule collections for both winter and summer. The Coriex Gorjuss range will reach retail in Q4 2022.

Cromo N.B. Srl, a leading producer and designer of greeting cards, will produce three categories: folded greeting cards with special finishes; folded greetings cards with added 3D elements; and printed gift-wrap sheets (70 x 100cm). All items will be available at retail in Q4 2022.

Emmeci, which specialises in the marketing of confectionery products for events, will produce Epiphany socks containing branded confectionery and sweet treats sourced from Italian confectionery companies as well as a special surprise toy. All the items will be at retail for the 6 January feast of the Epiphany in both 2024 and 2025.

The news of these signings comes only a few months after Mondo TV Group’s appointment by brand owner Santoro to represent the hit character brand in the Italian market, underlining the enormous potential of the property.

Santoro’s Gorjuss brand is based on imagery featuring sweet, stripey-socked girls with big hearts. With over 400 characters to choose from, Gorjuss fans know there is a Gorjuss girl for every mood. The brand’s enormous emotional appeal, quiet nostalgia and thought-provoking sentiments have made it a retail phenomenon and a brand that girls and young women have embraced in more than 90 countries.

Since March, Mondo has been bringing this brand into its fast-growing portfolio of third-party licensed properties.

The endearing and relatable quality of Gorjuss, along with its established commercial success, underlines its vast licensing potential in the Italian market, where Mondo is particularly targeting such key categories as apparel, toys, publishing, cosmetics, homeware, gifts, food and confectionery.

UK based Santoro is a multi-brand design house creating covetable gifts, stationery and lifestyle products, many of which have inspired noteworthy brands and successful licensing programmes. Santoro’s latest, highest-profile character brand is Gorjuss. Internationally described as a retail phenomenon, Gorjuss is currently in its 13th year and its enormous popularity is still growing.

Jo Campbell, General Manager at Santoro Licensing, says: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Mondo TV Group for Gorjuss in Italy and are thrilled with these new signings! It’s great to work with an agency who are committed to achieving our brand direction and they have driven through some excellent deals in just a short time frame. The new products in development are already beginning to look really exciting and we’re feeling very positive about the prospects Mondo has in the pipeline.”


Mondo TV to license popular property Bread Barbershop in Italian market

Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, and a licensing agent for many major international brands, has announced that it has been appointed by brand owner Monster Studio to represent licensing for the hit Korean show Bread Barbershop in the Italian market.

Already a success in Italy, where it launched at the end of 2020 on Discovery Italia free-to-air children’s television channel K2, the 3D animated comedy series for kids aged 6-9 is a makeover show – with a difference. All the characters are different kinds of cake and dessert. They come to master craftsman Bread, a renowned cake decorator, in the hope he will use his skills to change their appearance for the better.

A wealth of supporting characters, including clumsy but lovable Wilk, grumpy receptionist Choco, Sausage, Hamburger, Butter and, of course, a lot of hilarious customers, along with jokes, music and action, keep the comedy and energy levels high.

In Italy, Bread Barbershop ranked first among kids’ FTA commercial channels on the target 4-14 from September 2021 to March 2022.  

“In Bread Barbershop, while the main character gives life-changing makeovers that will put any customer in an amazing mood, one always learns that at the end of the day each of us is special in our own unique way,” says Sandro Sgrulloni, Programming & Content Acquisition Senior Manager, Warner Bros Discovery. “We’re delighted that this series has become one of the most appreciated titles on K2, as it fully reflects our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in an accessible, fun way. That’s why we believe our channel is the place to be for Bread Barbershop.”

Bread Barbershop has also been one of the best-performing shows on pay TV channel DeAKids since its launch at the beginning of 2022. It also boasts well over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, tens of millions of views on YouTube, and a top 10 placing on Netflix, where the first two seasons are now streaming. After the success of series one (39 x 7’) and series two (26 x 11’), series three (26 x 11’) will arrive in English-speaking markets later this year.

In its home market, Korea, Bread Barbershop has already inspired a number of successful product lines. Mondo TV, whose licensing division has successfully built a number of major overseas brands in the Italian market, is now developing a licensing campaign across a wide range of categories including toys, games, books, food and other products.

Matteo Corradi, Mondo TV President and CEO, says: “Bread Barbershop is engaging, colourful, clever and very funny. It’s also highly original – there’s no other show quite like it. This an ideal time to pursue licensing opportunities in an Italian market that has clearly embraced the show and its characters. We’re delighted that Monster Studios has appointed us to manage licensing for this unique property in Italy.”

Hyun Ah Ko, Chief of International Business, Monster Studio, says: “We’re thrilled to be working with Mondo TV on building a licensing programme for Bread Barbershop, and certain that it will be as much of a merchandising success as it has already been a broadcasting success on K2. We are now developing toys, books and other products for fans of Bread Barbershop, which we expect to be a lasting success in Italy.”


Mondo TV announces the arrival of MeteoHeroes on Amazon Prime in Italy

Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, has announced that the popular environmentally focused children’s series MeteoHeroes, co-produced by Mondo TV and leading Italian weather forecasting centre MOPI-Meteo Expert, has been licensed to Amazon Prime Video in Italy.

MeteoHeroes is the only cartoon in the world dedicated entirely to climate and environmental issues. Each episode focuses on issues related to ecology and respect for nature through the adventures of six superpowered kids who can control weather phenomena. Working alongside scientists and meteorologists at their futuristic HQ based in Gran Sasso Mountain National Park in Italy, the MeteoHeroes are trained to control their powers and fulfil their mission: to save the Earth.

The first 19 episodes were made available on Amazon Prime on 15 January. The remaining episodes will premiere in April and September 2022. The series will complement the exclusive terrestrial window on Cartoonito (channel 46 DTT), where MeteoHeroes is currently on air.

The first series has already been sold into over 140 countries and 20 languages and has been among the biggest hit shows on Cartoonito in Italy since its launch in 2020.

The agreement with Amazon reinforces the property’s digital presence. Amazon’s streaming service launched in Italy in 2016 and has enjoyed strong growth.

A collaboration in December with tech giant Huawei saw the show’s six planet-protecting superheroes became the stars of numerous wallpapers for mobiles and tablets. The wallpapers are downloadable via the Huawei Themes app all over the world, excluding China.

Matteo Corradi, CEO of Mondo TV, said: “With this major Amazon deal, added to numerous overseas sales and a number of licensing agreements, MeteoHeroes has underlined its international success both as a media phenomenon on multiple platforms and as a popular licensed property. We’re expecting even more success for this entertaining, original and highly relevant title throughout 2022.”

MeteoHeroes to air on major Latin American broadcasters on Earth Day this week

Mondo TV Iberoamerica has landed a major agreement with a sweep of broadcasters across Latin America to broadcast four specially selected episodes of the environmentally themed kids’ show MeteoHeroes on Earth Day this year.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated across the globe on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Its message is echoed within the value proposition of MeteoHeroes, a show devised to help kids understand complex and current issues about climate, pollution, and protecting the planet.

MeteoHeroes is the only co-production from Mondo TB and the leading Italian weather forecasting centre, Meteo Operations Italia.

Latin America is one of Mondo TV Iberoamerica’s core business areas, a region where it has strong relationships with the main channels, broadcasters and platforms helping it in its aim of spreading the environmental messages central to Earth Day to millions of young viewers across the continent.

A number of broadcasters have already confirmed plans to air the episodes. More are expected to confirm their participation in the coming weeks. Among the confirmed public channels are Señal Colombia; TV Perú and its children’s channel IPe; SER TV (Panama); TVN Chile – via its children’s channel TV Educa Chile, Pakapaka (Argentina); and Canal Once (Mexico). All are broadcasting the shows on the week of the 22nd of April. Canal Once plans a second broadcast on the weekend of 1-2 May on the occasion of the Día del Niño (Children’s Day) in Mexico.

The four episodes will demonstrate the diversity of themes and regions covered by the series – including an episode set in Latin America – as well as underlining the show’s engaging blend of comedy, adventure and environmental themes.

Each MeteoHeroes episode focuses on issues related to ecology and respect for nature through the adventures of six super-powered kids who can control weather phenomena. Working alongside scientists and meteorologists at their futuristic HQ based in Gran Sasso Mountain National Park in Italy, the MeteoHeroes are trained to control their powers and fulfil their mission: to save the Earth.

The special showings will be promoted by both the channels involved and Mondo TV across a wide range of platforms and media.

Dimitri Papanikas, international sales and co-productions manager of Mondo TV Iberoamérica, said: “This is a crucial example of fostering a spirit of hope and global collaboration by supporting channels in their programming on a special day dedicated to the celebration of nature.

“We are thrilled to have such great partners joining us in spreading the positive message from the MeteoHeroes that, working together, we all have the power to save planet Earth.”

Luigi Latini, CEO of the show’s co-producer Italian weather forecasting centre Meteo Operations Italia (MOPI), added: “The 22nd of April is an extremely important day on the environmental calendar. We are delighted that we can make a small contribution to spreading the message about protecting our planet through a show that both educates and entertains.”

Phat Kandi makes licensing move for Spain and Portugal with Mondo TV

The hit character and lifestyle brand, Phat Kandi, is making its way to the Spanish and Portuguese licensing space thanks to a new partnership with the European content specialist and third-party licensing company, Mondo TV.

A diverse brand that champions individuality, Phat Kandi has found success in the fashion market and is now looking to replicate that across a wider licensing arena. Its output already includes t-shirts, leggings and hoodies, each illustrated in the brand’s unusual design style.

Described as a bold statement brand with an edgy, Japanese twist, Phat Kandi suggests that its style lends itself to consumer products in categories such as fashion, personal care, stationery and digital. Mondo TV will look to take the brand into these categories as it works to secure partners across Spain and Portugal.

Created by the fashion designer and digital artist, Mel Williams, Phat Kandi is aimed at all consumers regardless of age, gender or social backgrounds.

Meanwhile, the appointment for the Phat Kandi brand is the latest addition to a growing list of prestigious third-party representations for Mondo, which also includes the international hit brands The Gruffalo and Feisty Pets.

Julia Gutiérrez, licensing manager, Mondo TV for Iberia, said: “We are very excited about this collaboration with Phat Kandi. We needed an iconic and lifestyle brand in our portfolio – and this is just what we were looking for.

“We are confident that the market will respond with the same enthusiasm. We can’t wait to bring Phat Kandi and its amazing creative assets to consumer products in Iberia.”

Mel Williams, creative director at Phat Kandi, added: “We are delighted to have Mondo TV represent Phat Kandi across the Iberia Region. The Mondo team are hands-on, which we’re thrilled about, and very enthusiastic about Phat Kandi – which we love.”

Mondo TV to make new waves in the US with Genius Brands’ Kartoon Channel

The European animated content distributor, Mondo TV is preparing to make new waves in the US when it launches its children’s animated comedy series, Invention Story, to the AVOD/SVOD market via Genius Brands International’s own Kartoon Channel.

The series will land on the channel this autumn. Kartoon Channel is distributed across major cable and satellite providers, as well as OTT platforms across the US. The channel is available 24/7 on a variety of platforms in the region, including Apple TV devices, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Devices, and more with further platforms rolling out in the coming months.

Kartoon Channel prides itself on a roster of content that is ‘smart and safe’ for children. It boasts that all ‘programmes are carefully curates to not only be entertaining and enriching, but also to ensure there is no violence, negative stereotypes or inappropriate language.’ It also promises content that receives no ‘excessive commercialisation.’

Meanwhile, Invention Story follows the tale of Kit, an intelligent, thoughtful and creative fox who – in each episode – comes up with a new invention. The series has already launched in Italy, Russia, Hungary and China. It is also on Kidoodle.TV, a hybrid AVOD / SVOD channel, which has launched in all countries worldwide except China.

In the US, Hispanic pay TV leader Vme Media is distributing the show on English-language network Primo TV later this year. 

Luana Perrero, Mondo TV’s head of content sales, said: “The launch of Invention Story on an innovative new free digital service that can reach just about every family in the whole US, is a cause for celebration. The arrival of Invention Story on Kartoon Channel! is an important strategic step for one of Mondo TV’s fastest-growing properties and we’re delighted to be working with Genius Brands on bringing this funny, smart and highly original new show to the vast US audience.”

The Gruffalo takes a walk into new partnerships in Italy

Mondo TV, the third-party licensor for The Gruffalo in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, has detailed a new Italian licensee for the popular children’s publishing brand.

Pon Pon Edizioni has been licensed to launch a range of products including activity and colouring packs and sets. The range is aimed at children aged from three to five.

The deal covers Italy, along with San Marino, Canton Ticino and Vatican City. The range will be available at kiosks and bookstores across all of these territories before the end of the year.

The range uses illustrations and designs from the classic book illustrated by Axel Scheffler and written by Julia Donaldson. The story is a delightful tale of how a tiny mouse outwits a number of animals intent on eating him: a fox, an owl, a snake and finally a big, scary creature called The Gruffalo.

The Gruffalo was initially published in 1999 and has gone on to sell over 24 million copies across multiple formats in 99 languages. It has also inspired a growing global licensing campaign. Global licensor Magic Light appointed Mondo to develop a licensing programme for The Gruffalo in Italy, Spain and Portugal in late 2019.

A love of books brought together Gianni Bono and Marilla Pascale, who launched Pon Pon Edizioni in 2013. Today Pon Pon Edizioni has a portfolio that ranges from first reading and classic fairy tale books to magic pens, sticker albums and much more, with a strong profile in partnerships with licensed brands.

Valentina La Macchia, Mondo TV Licensing director, said: “This is a brand famous for its illustrations as well as its wonderful storyline and Pon Pon Edizioni is the ideal partner to bring those illustrations to the market in the form of activity and colouring packs.

“We are expecting to appoint further high-quality licensees very soon in Italy, Spain and Portugal, where sales of The Gruffalo book are very strong.”


Mondo’s TV MeteoHeroes arrives in Italy with Cartoonito premiere

Mondo TV’s original children’s animated series MeteoHeroes is coming to Italy, having secured its worldwide premiere on Cartoonito. The launch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign and a growing licensee list.

The show – in which six kids use their superpowers to protect the planet from extreme weather events and pollution – will premiere with a special four-episode sneak preview in April on the free-to-air channel Cartoonito, a leading DTTV and satellite channel for pre-schoolers operated by Boing SpA.

The premiere date of April 22nd was  chosen to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Four episodes will be premiered at evening prime time (beginning between 7.30pm and 8pm) during the Earth Day anniversary celebration.

Viewers will be also able to hear the MeteoHeroes theme song for the first time, a catchy number performed by Francesco Facchinetti, former italian DJ, producer, singer, musician, TV presenter, radio host, actor and businessman.

The premiere will be accompanied by a major media campaign during which the stars of MeteoHeroes will play their roles as ambassadors in the fight to protect our planet.

The series will then officially launch in June when the four opening episodes will again appear, followed by 14 new episodes, further building brand momentum ahead of the launch of new episodes in October, when previous episodes will begin a second run.

MeteoHeroes, a Mondo TV co-production with Meteo Expert Center, a leading Italian weather forecasting group with a strong international reputation, addresses issues such as climate change, ecology and respect for nature through the adventures of six super-powered children. I

MeteoHeroes has already attracted a number of major licensees. The values of sustainability and respect for the environment will be reflected in the show’s licensing programme.

Already in Europe, Giunti has been tapped to produce books and activity books, while Playpress plans a magic book and colouring and activity books for the newsstand channel.

Mondadori is on board for a monthly magazine – with MeteoHeroes-inspired gadgets, Eu.Promotions will be handling the loyalty promotion category, and Ravensburger will be producing puzzles and memory games.

Among other categories, home video will be handled by Koch Media and Kimbe will organise shopping mall events as the licensee of costume characters for meet-and-greet activities. Many other negotiations are ongoing or completed, including a range of Easter eggs for 2021.

The consumer products programme will launch at retail soon: the first licensed products will be on shelves by October 2020.

Supporting the brand’s marketing activities, Mondadori and Mediamond have joined to devise Globo WePlanet, an open-air, interactive exhibition of contemporary art and design, focusing on sustainable development with the aim of raising awareness among people and businesses.

The six MeteoHeroes will even feature in a dedicated human-sized globe installed in downtown Milan from June to September, accompanied by an augmented reality element. Attendees will be able to point their smartphone at the globe and be taken to a page that offers information on the project and the artist who made it.

Matteo Corradi, Mondo TV CEO, said: “The arrival of MeteoHeroes on Cartoonito is a major statement about the quality, originality and potential of this new series. We think the time is right for a show that addresses important issues in an engaging, exciting way that boys and girls everywhere will love – and this is it. There really isn’t anything like MeteoHeroes on TV anywhere.”

Luigi Latini, CEO, Meteo Expert Center – IconaMeteo, creator and executive producer of MeteoHeroes, added: “MeteoHeroes perfectly balances action, humour and superb design with some genuinely fascinating insights into the weather, how it works, and how our actions can affect it.

“It’s great entertainment that has something really important to say about climate change and about the global issue of pollution and we’re very proud to have helped to bring it to the screen. I am sure that children everywhere will love it – and so will parents.”