Star Wars and Disney reveal new brand identity for all official videogames, Lucasfilm Games

Lucasfilm, Star Wars, and Disney have revealed a new brand identity for the home of all officially licensed Star Wars video games, a legacy that now crosses the decades, with the unveiling of Lucasfilm Games. The new unit isn’t a publisher or development studio, but will be acting as a unifying brand name and licensor.

It has been widely speculated that the move arrives in preparation for 2023, when the current Star Wars video game contract with EA comes to the end of its ten years. It’s expected that Disney will then begin licensing out the Star Wars brand to various publishers and developers under the Lucasfilm Games title.

Marking the ‘new era’, Lucasfilm Games has now launched social channels across Twitter and Facebook that will act as a means of delivering news directly to fans.

“[Luscasfilm is] a name that encompasses the company’s rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future,” read an announcement released via

“Lucasfilm’s legacy in gaming stretches back decades. And with Lucasfilm and the galaxy far, far away entering a new and unprecedented phase of creativity, so will the world of Lucasfilm Games — developed in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry.”