Banijay launches new consumer products programme for Ready Steady Cook

Banijay has launched a new consumer products programme for its iconic cooking brand, Ready Steady Cook, marking the return of the show and its licensing efforts with a modern style guide and suite of creative assets.

With its new look in tow, the Ready Steady Cook brand is looking to develop products across a range of categories, including food storage, kitchen appliances, cookware, textiles, foodstuffs, and digital products for the much loved heritage IP.

Jane Smith, group director, brand licensing of Banijay Brands, said: “Worldwide consumers and audiences love Ready Steady Cook and we’ve seen a real rise in fans from younger demographics. This classic heritage brand is both nostalgic and fresh in bringing together people, generating culinary ideas, and providing great entertainment, creating an exciting opportunity for new licensees and partners. The quality and popularity of the Ready Steady Cook brand means the products are sure to fly off the shelves.”

The popularity of home cooking reached new heights during the world’s period of lockdown, and with the pandemic threatening further restriction measures to be taken once again, Banijay has spotted that the relationship between consumers and their food ‘has never been more important.’

‘It’s for this reason,’ states the firm, ‘that now is the perfect time for Ready Steady Cook to be a brand partner for licensees in the culinary space.’

Banijay continues: ‘The Ready Steady Cook brand values mirror that of kitchens around the world, with a particular focus on value for money, sustainability, managing food waste and provenance; all of which will resonate with economically-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers looking for exciting culinary products to add to their homes.’

Ready Steady Cook is an internationally recognised brand, having seen the show adapted in over 20 territories. Consumer brand awareness has also been amplified this year in the UK following the successful TV relaunch on BBC ONe from Remarkable TV.

Popular presenter Rylan Clark-Neal was at the helm as he introduced the TV classic and gave new meaning to the phrases, “green peppers” and “red tomatoes”. The show performed well for younger viewers and was above the broadcaster’s slot average by +10 per cent for Adults aged 16 to 34.

The show has once again taught a new generation about contemporary food themes; from how to cook on a budget, to eating healthily, and feeding a whole family, whilst reflecting the changes in food and British cooking over the past decade.

Banijay Brands will launch at next month’s Festival of Licensing with senior executives available for meetings at the virtual conference.

The Banijay Brands portfolio includes MasterChef, Temptation Island, Peaky Blinders, Survivor, Deal or No Deal, The Inbetweeners, Big Brother, Mister Maker, Operation Triunfo, Eat Well for Less?, Simon’s Cat, Mr Bean, Don’t!, Sunday Brunch, Tipping Point, The Biggest Loser, Ready Steady Cook, Black Mirror, Miss France, Maddie’s Do You Know?, Wipeout and Crystal Maze.