Kids Insights and The Social Store to host webinar on licensing and retail in a digital-centric world

The market intelligence experts, Kids Insights has detailed a new webinar to be hosted in collaboration with The Social Store that will focus on the emerging opportunities for licensing and retail in a world becoming more and more digital centric. The webinar is scheduled to take place on September 17th at 4pm.

Speakers will include Kids Insights founder and CEO, Nick Richardson and founder and CEO of The Social Store, Ian Shepherd. The session will last around one hour with a Q&A session included.

The free webinar is titles Opportunities for Licensing and Retail in a Digital Centric World and will highlight the impact of technology and social media in the retail and licensing industries over the past few years. The session will look to address the challenges which the retail industry faces with emerging technology, as well as the long-lasting effect of Covid-19 and how the industry can evolve with the increase in online spend during this time.

Shepherd said: “I am very are excited to announce that I will be speaking in a free webinar with Nick Richardson from Kids Insights about the latest trends and developments in the world of retail and what the new normal will look like for the industry with more access to technology.

“There will be an excellent discussion which will help us gain greater knowledge of the digitalized trends in retail and licensing as well as identify the key players of influencer marketing.”

The format of the presentation will aim to deliver understanding to the change in kids’ ecosystems with the shift to digital, the future of ecommerce and retail and the relationship between the two going forward. It will also look at the emergence of influencers as a key marketing channel and how they can be embedded into strategies for a variety of industries including gaming, sport, TV and film.

The data provided by Kids Insights shows why brands needs to pay more attention to influencer licensing. Pre-schoolers are showing a preference for buying clothes related to their favourite YouTuber with a 56 per cent growth in the past 12 months. Also, becoming a YouTube influencer is the fourth most popular career choice for tweens (10-12s), illustrating their influence on career choices.

Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insights People, added: “We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting a free webinar with Ian Shepherd from The Social Store. This session will provide an exciting series of new insights that will help us to facilitate a wider industry conversation about the key players in the world of influencer marketing.”

Those who wish to attend the free webinar can register here: