SmileyWorld and Tsingtao partner for limited edition beer collaboration

The Smiley Company has partnered with China’s number-one beer brand Tsingtao for an exclusive collaboration. The limited-edition range of beer will be sold across mainland China.

The pairing of SmileyWorld – known for happiness, positivity and self-expression – with trend-driven brand Tsingtao creates the perfect platform to engage with young adults through a campaign centred around creating a “Happy Planet”, full of happy people.

Launched at the beginning of November, the collaboration will feature music-related designs on millions of Tsingtao ‘Pure Draft’ cans and bottles. With eight fun SmileyWorld icons decorating the cans, including bespoke icons created especially for the campaign, Tsingtao and SmileyWorld will encourage people to express their attitude through the Smileys.

A limited edition bottle has also been created, with a design intended to bring people together: when placed together, two bottles create a complete Smiley, showcasing the power of friendship and sharing.

Supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign including TVC, online and social media, content will be created for WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book and TikTok. Tsingtao’s brand ambassador Hua Chenyu, a musician with 40 million followers on Weibo and over 7 million on Tik Tok, will also promote the partnership through online and social media.

Nicolas Loufrani, SmileyWorld CEO says: “Tsingtao is the most iconic beer brand in China, one perfectly matched to SmileyWorld in terms of appeal to trend-driven consumers. The Smiley Studio has created a new set of bespoke designs which will appeal to Chinese consumers and co-created a fantastic activation with our friends at Tsingtao.This proves once again the talent of the team at the Smiley Studio and our ability to work with the most professional brands and agencies in the world.”

A Tsingtao Beer spokesperson commented: “Our Pure Draft beer and SmileyWorld collaborated to reimagine our current packaging with a fresh SmileyWorld design. The new can and bottle designs are trendy, fun and creative. By creating these impactful and appealing trend-driven products, we have created a link between beer and the lifestyle industry. We believe that the collaboration between our two brands will bring consumers more fresh and novel experiences.”