Schleich launches its first video game Horse Club Adventures with Wild River Games

The Munich games developer, Wild River Games has partnered with the international toy company Schleich to launch the first video game title for its popular Horse Club franchise.

The new title, Horse Club Adventures, will be an open-world game for children aged six to 12, allowing them to explore and roam freely across the terrain, while also engaging with the mystery-solving adventure narrative.

Horse Club Adventures is scheduled for release this May, blending adventure, role-playing, and racing elements as players take on the role of holiday makers on vacation at Lakeside Riding Stable, joining the Horse Club clique Hannah, Sarah, Sofia, and Lisa. Together they reveal long-guarded secrets, complete quests, and collect objects such as photos and stickers.

The appearance of the player avatars and their horses can be individually customized with clothing for new game characters that will be made available in physical toy retailers from July 2021.

The single-player game can be played in either the storyline or freestyle mode. The storyline mode is split up into 16 days and has over 40 quests ready and waiting to be completed. They range from getting acquainted with Lakeside to being accepted into the Horse Club clique, all the way to participating in the big Lakeside Tournament.

In the freestyle game mode the player explores the extensive terrain on their own. Optional sidequests enable kids to immerse themselves deeper in the story and, among other activities, attend to daily chores such as grooming horses and scraping hooves, or galloping on one of the numerous race courses while competing with others for high scores and medals.

“Figures from Schleich have stood for quality and educationally worthwhile playing for more than 85 years. The video game from Wild River Games equally orients itself in alignment with these values,” read a statement from the team.

“The highly diversified virtual world including numerous different quests still has surprises in store, even after playing repeated games. This ensures long-lasting gaming fun for children in a variety of age groups and with different levels of experience.

“What arises due to the symbiosis of video game and the original Schleich figures is a balance comprised of a digital and tactile game.”

Horse Club Adventures will be available across Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, as well as a digital download for Xbox One and PC.